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A WISE Design Experience

No description

Sophia Spitulnik

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of A WISE Design Experience

A WISE Design Experience
Sophia Spitulnik
Experience the environment of a real design firm

Get better at design

Improve my social skills in a professional setting
Design Projects
I normally feel uncomfortable around most adults and authority figures, but these feelings are amplified with the members of the design firm because I am afraid of sounding unintelligent and not being taken seriously because of my age and immaturity. A personal goal I am setting for myself this semester is to conquer this insecurity and gain more confidence in my interactions with the members of the firm
Week #1
From the beginning of the semester, I knew my tendency towards being shy would be a challenge at my third space. As the semester progressed and as I got to know the people in the office a little better, I became more comfortable asking Photoshop questions, asking for clarification on a task or asking if anyone wanted me to help with anything.
Week #15
Research Book #2:
The Business of Graphic Design

Research Article #1:
“The Bottom Line Value of Design”
and Work Ethic
I have found that when I am surrounded by creative people who are enthusiastic about what they are creating, I am much more motivated to be creative and work on design, just like when high school students surround themselves with people who care about doing well in school and getting into college, they are more motivated to work hard.
Media Research #3:
Paula Scher
Text as a
However, when I thought about the situation a little further, I realized that never in school have we learned how to write a formal email or discussed the difference in communicating informally through texts or formally through email. I have learned how to write emails through living in a community where formality is expected and through having parents who are both professionals.
Formal Communication
People who live in Orinda and who are part of our community really value getting a good education and the adults who live here serve as good examples of people who work hard in their chosen professions. I feel very lucky to have grown up in a community where I am surrounded by hard working people who expect and encourage me to also work hard
Decision to Study Design
How many times have you become frustrated with or left a web page because you could not immediately find what you were looking for or did not understand how the website was structured? How many times have you picked out a product at the grocery store from among many other similar products (such as shampoo) just because you were attracted to the package design? Today’s world is very competitive and good or bad design can be the deciding factor in whether a business succeeds or fails. No matter how good the business idea, the company will not succeed unless it effectively engages its customers. A website, app or package that users can intuitively navigate through and easily and immediately understand is essential to including customers in a business plan. This is why companies come to Veneer and other design agencies.
you’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology — not the other way around
- Steve Jobs
I think that glassblowing would be really interesting to learn about and try as a hobby, but I don’t think I could ever pursue it as a career. The work would not be structured enough and I would have to find my own inspiration and motivation to create things instead of creating work for a client or for a specific purpose.
Moving Forward
Projects I helped
with at Veneer
and Answers
Getting Better
at Design
Experiencing the environment of
a design firm
Improving my
social skills in a professional environment
Freelance design projects
Career in design
Open my own design firm
Thank you!
Mr. Poling
Mr. Clauson
Veneer Staff
Everyone who listened to my presentation
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