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What is a Comprehensive Plan?

No description

Billy Hester

on 16 November 2017

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Transcript of What is a Comprehensive Plan?

What is a Comprehensive Plan?
A guiding, policy document

Process to determine the community's vision of its future

Who and what do we aspire to be?
Why develop a plan?
West Virginia State Code 8A requires its adoption and update every ten years

Identifies opportunities for new development

Directs future investments to the "right" places by providing a land use document

Prioritizes infrastructure updates
Why develop a plan?
Let's us be proactive rather than reactive

Keeps the local government on task

Maximizes efficiency in providing services

Community driven plan
What goes into the plan?
Land Use
Public Services
Other areas of focus...
Optional Areas to include:
Natural Resource Use
Timeline of Events
Planning commission request
Review existing plans, review community statistics, and identify trends
Create vision, goals, objectives, and identify key issues and concerns with public feedback and create action plan
Planning Commission reviews plan
Board of Directors approves plan
Annual Review
Public Feedback
Plan in Place
Comprehensive Planning
The City of Bluefield's Road Map for the Future
Economic Development
Community Design
Preferred Areas of Development
Renewal and/or Redevelopment
Historic Preservation
58% of adults have a smart phone
87% of American adults use the internet
78% of teens have a cell phone
9% of adults attend one public meeting per year
48% have never attended a public meeting
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