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Student Industrial Internship( Final Presentation )

No description

farah ayuni

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of Student Industrial Internship( Final Presentation )

Student Industrial Internship( Final Presentation )
Nik Farah Ayuni Bt Nik Abdul Rahim
Business Administration in Management and Entrepreneurship

What to achieve during internship?
Plan and execute category management activities
Ensure group wide procurement on indirect spend is strategically and advantageously
The Gantt chart of the task and assignments achievements is in the table as shown
(refer powerpoint)
Build career skills
Lesson learned

Location of intra was done (cont’d)
Category Management & Corporate Procurement, Group Supply Chain Management.
Group Supply Chain Management (GSCM) provides leadership and direction to implement Groupwide supply chain management (SCM) and enables maximum value creation while maintaining good governance in all aspects of PETRONAS businesses.
GSCM will lead and drive Operation Units (OPUs) towards the shift from transactional procurement into end-to-end SCM.

Objective of industrial training
Adjusting from college to full-time employment.
Opportunity to develop attitudes conducive to effective interpersonal relationships.
To learn through experience
To understand the human resources management in PETRONAS and to relate it with the theories what they have been taught.
To apply theoretical knowledge and acquire soft skills
Exposed to working culture.

Major task assigned
Category Profiling Paper for Supply and Delivey of Photocopy Paper to PETRONAS groupwide :

It is pre-tendering process.
The recommendation will be presented to the higher level of management.

COMPANY PROFILE-History,Mission & Vision and Logo
Known as Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS) is Malaysia’s National Oil Company, and wholly-owned by the Government
We are a business entity
Petroleum is our core business
Our primary responsibility is to develop and add value to this national resource
Our objective is to contribute to the well-being of the people and the nation
‘To be a Leading Oil and Gas Multinational of Choice’
Company profile
Project assigned
Lessons and experiences

Location of intra was done
PETRONAS Holdings Sdn Bhd, Group Supply Chain Management department located at Level 66, Tower 1, PETRONAS Twin Towers

Who are the supervisors
Nur Azeela Bt A Rostam
Executive Indirect Spend
Bachelor in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Anes Juwita Yahya
Executive Indirect Spend
Bachelor of Business Administartion (Major in Marketing)

Profiling Paper – Pre-tendering Process
(refer powerpoint)
Repetitions of Works
job rotation

To UniKL Business School

Lack of exposure regarding internship knowledge
Start a platform for previous internship students to share what skills and experiences they acquire throughout their internship program.

Gain more knowledge in supply chain function which is sourcing strategy
Understanding and cooperation in the multicultural workplace
The internship was also good to find out what trainee strengths and weaknesses

Organization Chart
(refer powerpoint)
Objective of industrial training
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