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5 Keys to Publishing Your Academic Article

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Avi Staiman

on 3 October 2018

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Transcript of 5 Keys to Publishing Your Academic Article

1. Choosing a Journal for Publication
"Do Your Homework"
1. Match the interest of the journal
2. Impact factor
3. Acceptance percentage
4. Rejection as a strategy
5. Length of article
6. Speed of response time
7. Reach out to the editor
8. Open Access v. subscription based

5 Keys to Publishing Your Academic Paper
Webinar, September 20, 2018

The Goal

Help Academic Scholars Publish their Research
Why Is It So Difficult?
Reasons Articles are Rejected
2. Writing Your Paper
4. Write a Winning Cover Letter
Why is it important?
1. Write with your target audience in mind

2. Write concisely (especially in Arabic and Hebrew)

3. Follow the style guide

4. Create your reference list using reference software

5. Do your own peer review

6. Write a fantastic abstract

1. It fails the technical screening.
2. It does not fall within the aims and scope.
3. The procedures or analysis are seen as defective.
4. Its conclusions aren't justified.
5. It is simply an extension of a different paper.
6. It's incomprehensible.

***list taken from Peter Thrower, 'Eight reasons I rejected your article', https://www.elsevier.com/connect/8-reasons-i-rejected-your-article

Who Cares?
Not All Research Budgets Are Created Equal
Knowledge of a specific academic field ----> consistent and well paid client base ---> steady flow of work.

Gain knowledge doing respectable work which expands your knowledge.

Your value will keep clients loyal and allow you to charge what you want.
Spread your research to a global audience
Maximize your impact
Career and promotion

The Top 10 Countries in the World in % R&D Spending Per GDP:
1) Israel
2) South Korea
3) Finland
4) Japan
5) Sweden
6) Switzerland
7) Germany
8) Denmark
9) Austria
10) United States
Minimum Requirements:

Novel Thesis/ Ideas
Peer Review
Language Challenges
Long Process

Impact Factor:

Finding journals:

Acceptance percentages:
3. Professional Translation and Editing Services

When Translation Just Isn't Enough

Helpful Resources

A Word About ALE
Website: www.aclang.com
Phone: +972-522-414-342
Email: avi@aclang.com
But academics don't have money....
5. Responding to Reviewer's Critique

lways be polite
e open to suggestions
ritique the critique?
eep Breath
stablish if it is a revise and resubmit or rejection
ollow up with the journal editors

Always send a finished paper
Give specific instructions regarding the level of intervention
Provide all formatting and style guidelines
Prepare a glossary of key terms
Write in your native tongue
Check funding opportunities
Give the language expert time
An English speaking colleague or neighbor is not enough
All translations need editing/ revision
Only work with native speakers with specific academic experience
Ask for samples, see if they have published previously
Do include:
Don't include:
Biographical information (name, position, university)
Title of the paper
Thank you

Questions about process or time
A summary of your research
Poor language
Be realistic - 80% of articles are rejected.
Preparing Your Research for Translation/ Editing
Abc's of Professional Communication
How do you reach the summit?
"Science is never just about the data. The language in which we communicate affects our confidence and our ability to persuade, our expression of complex and nuanced ideas and information, and our judgements of the value of new ideas and their authors."

Meredith Root-Bernstein and Richard Ladle
A Word About ALE
Website: www.aclang.com
Phone: +972-522-414-342
Email: avi@aclang.com
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