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Four Major Figures in Sociology and How They Contributed to

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Nicole Apostolakos

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Four Major Figures in Sociology and How They Contributed to

Four Major Figures in Sociology and How They Contributed to the Field
By Nicole Apostolakos & Marisa Canarick
Auguste Comte 1798-1857
"Founder of Sociology"
Coined the term "sociology" for the new science
Comte was an advocate of a philosophical system: positivism
Emphasized study of society must be scientific
Divided the study of society
Social Statics

Social Dynamics
Social Statics
: aspects of social life that helps groups hold together
Social Dynamics
: refers to social life and social change
Auguste Comte
Karl Marx 1818-1883
Wanted to change structure of institutions
Believed society was divided into two parts:
-those who produce wealth
-those who do not

Has perspective called
Dialectical Materialism
Recognized by sociologists today as a major figure in sociological theory
Karl Marx
Max Weber
Huge impact on Sociology
Believed a critical focus for sociology is the study of human subjectivity
Concept of the Ideal Type
Value- Free Sociology
Max Weber
Emile Durkheim
Division of Labor in Society

Studied Suicide and religion in Elementary schools
Studied Anomie
-Mechanical Solidarity

-Organic Solidarity
Emile Durkheim
Thanks for Listening!!!
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