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Mission and Vision

No description

Rachel Rumson

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Mission and Vision

is a description of a

is your
Mission and Vision
This is biological.
People buy "why" you do it, not what you do, or how you do it.

Alan Savory's
Holistic Management
Three parts of a holistic goal:
the quality of life you want
the future resource base
what you need to produce
Vision Process Resources
Starhawk's "Guided Imagery"
Macy's "30 Years Hence"
Roberts Smith and Ross's Drawing forth a vision

Block's "Six Conversations that Matter"
Senge's "Vision Strategy"
Weisbord's "Future Search"
Why have a mission and a vision?

What is so dang important about it, anyway?
A mission statement is one sentence.

A mission describes the reason you exist.

A mission is what you are here to do together.

It is a practical tool for making decisions about priorities, actions and responsibilities.

It is purpose.

"While visions, plans and committed top leadership are important, even essential, no clear vision, not detailed plan, nor committed group of leaders have the power to bring this image of the future into existence without the
continued engagement and involvement of citizens

A vision statement is one sentence.

Vision is most powerful stated in the positive and present.

Vision should be big.

Vision inspires passion, commitment and creativity.

Visioning is a process.
Future Search
dialogue -> common ground
Stories shared of past, present and desired state
up to 100 ppl

"Whole system" in the room
explore "whole elephant" before acting on part
focus on Future + Common Ground...not problems
Self management + responsibility for action

Future Search Principles
3 Days + 2 Sleeps
Day 1 pm: past
Day 2 am: present
Day 2 pm: future
Day 3 am: action plans

What you can expect...
New challenges -->
energized people
Momentum from successes -->
move quickly
Fluidity -->
emergent possibilities as we learn
Aligning the workers -->
magnetic North
Spread -->
personal contact makes it work
Judgement --> suspend it
They are complemented by
Core Values
work and

part of the same "vision" package.
Dropbox Resources:
1. Drawing forth a Personal Vision
2. Vision and mission Worksheet
3. The Empowerment Manual (p.28)
4. Future Search
5. People and Permaculture
- give it time
- use appropriate technology
- get a facilitator
- work from the self, out
- repeat
30 Years Hence
Joanna Macy's Great Turning
guided visualization
A conversation with a child set in the future
All the major crises that threaten life on the planet have been averted

- Perter Block,
Community: The Art of Belonging
Thank you!
Rachel Lyn Rumson
The Resilience Hub
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