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Dickens: Wikipedia

No description

McKenna Miller

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Dickens: Wikipedia

The books we used are:

Oliver Twist

A Christmas Carol

Bleak House

Oliver Twist:
Tiny Tim
No trouble posting this addition to the character page.

Suffered mild vandalism, one editor stating that Tiny Tim was "a t-rex on the family", rather than "a burden on the family"

Drew on textual evidence and class discussion to draft edit
We used the "talk" page to figure out what we should write about.

We drafted our additions based on what was lacking in the pages and what was concrete enough not to be taken down.

We fact-checked and found textual evidence for all of our claims so the Wikipedia staff would have no reason to take it down.

We made our additions and checked regularly to make sure they were still on the page.

We noted any changes made by other users and used that information to determine what was relevant to the page.
Heather McFarlane, Colin Peartree, Alyssa Knott, Cassandra Ballini, McKenna Miller
Dickens: Wikipedia
The Artful Dodger
This was more difficult to write because not much is said about the Dodger's character that wasn't already on the page. We drew in from a lot of outside sources and used quotes from the book to flesh out the article.
Ebeneezer Scrooge
Esther Summerson
Lady Dedlock
What We Learned
Character research

Source checking

Examining the "talk" page

Checking existing changes

Added to pages
We learned that our character research for the pages tended to mirror our class discussion.

In order to add meaningful and important information, we had to do very in-depth research.

Having other Wikipedia users edit our posts helped us to learn what kind of information was relevant.
- No Bleak House characters originally had pages (pros/cons)
- Chose Esther due to her important role as narrator/protagonist
- Closely examined her character and read 2 papers on opinions
- Difficulty with cumbersome formatting/guidelines, but no problems
This post proved to be somewhat difficult, following a couple removals

Adding reputable sources did wonders for the post's longevity

suffered some minor editing vandalism, but no major changes to content

**Another user commented, describing the OE stip., and a thank you for contributing
The Ebenezer Scrooge page only really contained a plot summary of
A Christmas Carol
as opposed to any analytical analysis of the character itself. I added a section that analyzed Scrooge's change in personality throughout the story. The only edits that were made to my post were minor editing and the addition of more descriptive words. The new edits were, ultimately, helpful.
- Added more description to the character summary that already existed
- Based off of facts from the novel, nothing too interpretative
- Didn't encounter any problems with it being taken down as of yet
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