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A non-traditional resume

No description

A Wendt

on 16 January 2018

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Transcript of A non-traditional resume

Received straight A’s. Graduated Phi Kappa Phi (top 10% of ASU &
ASU West combined).
Self Employed
Very creative & educational
period. To best serve clients, I expanded my skills in website development, SharePoint, PhotoShop, Illustrator and Access databases.
Self employed as a business consultant serving a variety of clients:
Graduated from Arizona State University West with my MBA
I love Amex, but decided
it was time to try strike out on my own - So, I didn't apply for a another job.
My entire department within American Express was eliminated as part of economic downturn
Requested, and was granted, part-time status as a project manager
The head of the Phoenix site liked my work and asked me to apply for the job.
My group provided project management support to launch new card products, build website enhancements & implement other business-critical initiatives
Promoted to director. Managed the incentive program for all of U.S. Card Operation sites (over 10,000 employees)
Promoted to manager. Supervised 11 industrial engineers & their projects
Born and raised in Montana
Service Design Solutions Project Manager
Team Incentive Plan Director
Worked to pay
my way through college.
Attended Montana State University
Graduated from California State Polytechnic, Pomona with a B.S. in
Hired by American Express, Card Operations,
as an industrial
Phoenix, AZ
Pomona, CA
Bozeman, MT
Whitefish, MT
My Roots
Applied and accepted at
Cal Poly, Pomona.
Service Design Solutions Director

Engineering Manager
I love helping people solve business problems.
Here are some examples of the type of work I do.
How can we improve the
process for replacing cards?
Leveraged Six Sigma & process improvement tools to find/eliminate defects, reduce cycle times and drive down cost. One of my fraud-prevention ideas is still in use today (3-digit card identification number on the back of the card, generally requested at point of online purchase)
Can we recover dissatisfied customers?
Designed, implemented & analyzed data from a "Customer Recovery" test/control unit to determine which customers can be recovered, & which follow-up actions have the best ROI.
Our team was so successful that we received the
Chairman's Award
for Quality -
the highest honor given within the company.
The treatment with the highest ROI consisted
of a simple letter acknowledging the customer's issue.
This approach generally triggered higher customer spending with minimal operational investment.
How can I proactively assess
Identified leading indicators to predict business performance for a newly acquired business division.

Built and implemented "Daily Management Dashboard" designed to show vital trends & progress towards business goals.
Received American Express certification in Project Management.
I decided to scale back. I had 2 small boys and wanted to get my MBA. Due to my strong work reputation, my request was accommodated.
Managed 25+ project
managers & $3MM
How can we ensure that our employees consistently demonstrate our brand promise?
Spearheaded & designed a comprehensive program reaching over 1,000 employees, aimed at deepening understanding of the American Express OPEN for Business Brand.

Campaign immersed employees in brand principles through the use of imagery within the workplace, formal training, and small business simulation activities.
Small business owners from campaign
Converting strategy and concepts into value streams.
Strategic and tactical thinking

Seasoned project manager
Building a compelling story around the need for change.
Change management

Presentation design
Achieving results by collaborating with many different types of people:


Team player
I'm a curious, tenacious and enthusiastic person.
Problem solver

Positive attitude

Knowledgeable of
current trends
My Strengths
A Wendt
Work & Education
Sample Projects
Creative Problem Solver
Project Manager
** Press the your keyboard arrow keys or click on the arrow at the bottom of the screen to move through the presentation. **
A non-traditional resume
"techies", various levels of management, front line employees, etc.
Industrial Engineer
business customers
Identified by upper management as a "high potential" employee.
Certified by American Express for 6 Sigma (green belt)
How can we effectively communicate strategy & results to our stakeholders?
Crafted brand-consistent, creative & engaging presentations for company townhalls, breaking down complicated concepts into understandable visuals.
Developed data-driven slides for the Board of Directors, highlighting strategy & results.
As far as my dog, Chewy, is concerned, working for PetSmart
is the pinnacle of my career.
* Actual results are proprietary
Provided thought leadership & project management expertise for initiatives such as reengineering, voice response optimization, customer experience enhancements, quality improvements, etc.
Left American Express
** To view in full screen, click on the box in the lower right corner of your screen **
Not sure what an industrial engineer does?
Industrial Engineers can be thought of as "efficiency experts". We utilize
tools to:
improve customer satisfaction
reduce defects & costs
shorten cycle times
PetSmart HQ, Manager
Conceived and launched PetSmart's
communications intranet site, reaching over 10,000 employees. Identified the opportunity, developed fully functional prototype, demo'ed concept with senior leaders and implemented robust final website on a shoe-string budget ($10K).
Created brand-consistent graphic design materials for board of director meetings, large-scale events, senior leader conference presentations, etc.
Missed the comradery
found in an office.
Decided to move back
to the corporate world.
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