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Nathalie Matar

Kalamazoo RESA

on 23 December 2013

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Transcript of Calendar

Into The Details
Site Manager Perspective
End User Perspective
Event Details
Site Manager Perspective
End User Perspective
Create a New Event
Click on New Event or,
Double click on the respective day.
To create a new event:
Double click here
Type the event title
Select a start date
Select a Start Time
Select an End Time
Type a description for your event
Note that you can insert an image,
attach a file or insert a hyperlink
Select a category from the drop-down menu to color-code your event
Event Tab
Recurrence Tab
Check this box to make the event recurring
Choose a recurrence pattern from
Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly.
You can choose to stop your event recurrence
after a certain number of occurrences or by specifying an end date
Registration Tab
Check this box to turn on registration for this event
Enter the maximum number of seats available for this event
Denote the last day to register for this event
You can choose to add a question from the drop down
menu or add a custom question. It could be an open
question or a multiple choice question.
Location Tab
Enter the location name and the Address where the event will take place.
Check this box to add a map to your event
Contact Tab
Specify a contact person and provide an email address or a phone number for any questions or for more information.
Post to Calendars Tab
Checking these boxes will allow you to send a request to post the event to KRESA's main calendar
Viewers Tab
Here, you can assign a group or a user to view the event on the calendar. By default, all website visitors can view the event.
Once you're done, don't forget to save your changes.
A check mark on the event means that an
online registration is available for this event
Hover over an event or double click
on it to view its details
Calendar View
Enter your zip code to calculate distance to event
Click here to register. Note that you can check above the Seat Availability and
the last day to register.
Event Registration
Answer the following questions
Multiple choice question
Open question
Click here to register
Review/Cancel Registration
Click here to review your registration details
Click here to cancel your registration
To manage your event rosters and registrations, click view, export, or print
Here, you can view who is registered for the event, cancel their registration or even mark them as Attended or Absent
You can export the list to an excel spread sheet and save it
or you can simply print it
Import Events
Instead of adding each event individually to the calendar, you can import events from a CSV file
Step 1: Select your file
This is an example of how your CSV file may look like
Edit/Delete Event
To Edit or delete an event, hover over it and click Edit or Delete
If the event you chose to delete is a recurring event, you will be prompted to choose between deleting this occurrence only or deleting the series.
Step 2: Match Field Mappings
Map the Calendar Fields
to the CSV File Fields
Step 3: Preview your events
Note that you can save this mapping or make it the default mapping if you are planning to use the same CSV file in the future.
Review your events and click next
This step allows you to assign viewing rights to a group or to a user. By default, all website visitors can view this event.
Step 4: Assign Viewing Rights
Imported Events
Once you click import, your imported events will show up on the calendar
You can also Undo Import which will delete the imported events from your calendar
Undo Import
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