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Salk Middle School

No description

Shannon Gilfeather

on 16 March 2017

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Transcript of Salk Middle School

Salk Middle School
Special Education Orientation

Behavior Intervention
Specially designed instruction to target specific behavioral skills and needs.
Students all meet together first period for social skills. Go out to classes for periods 2-5, some may return for 6th period CAP. BI teacher goes out to classes to support students throughout the day.
Designed Instruction
Specially designed instruction to target specific skills and needs.
Includes functional English, functional math, adaptive PE, and social skills.
A more specialized DI program for students with medically fragile conditions. Also includes functional curriculum, social skills and adaptive PE.
Case Manager
All sped students will be assigned a case manager. This person will loop up with the students during their years at middle school. A case manager is often the homeroom teacher, will facilitate IEP and evaluation meetings, and help provide specially designed instruction for your student.
Welcome to Salk!
We are excited to get to know you!
Salk Middle Schools offers a range of services for students eligible for special education:
General Education
Resource (RR)
Designed Instruction (DI)
Behavior Intervention (BI)
Medically Handicapped Orthopedic Handicapped (MHOH)
Biggest Fears
Meeting New Friends
Getting Lost
Changing Teachers
Students who are performing at the third grade level and below.
Smaller group setting
General education curriculum: Springboard, Engage NY, Moby Max
CAP: Career and Academic Progress
How do teachers support students at Salk Middle School?
Why I Like Middle School
Career and Academic Prep
An elective class designed to help students with organization, work completion, provide extended time and specially designed instruction.
Counselors help students with their schedules, talk out personal concerns and support student needs.
Raechel Allen
6th and 7th Grade
Megan Decker
8th Grade
Marisa Tramp
Jenni Broz
Heidi Schuler & Shannon Gilfeather
Colleen Marsh
Josh Reynolds
Amy Gillespie
Michele Graeber
Angie Shoemaker
Debbie VanTine & Kelli Nygren
Please join me in welcoming our student panel!
They will be sharing their individual middle school experiences with you in a student panel presentation and will be available to answer individual questions after the presentation concludes.
Lynne Carter
Debbie Smith
Corrine Pierce

Cambria Wilson Joshua Harding
Ian Lamont Audrey Patton
Autumn Cline William Bolster
You are invited to attend our Summer Reading Camp!
July 10th - July 28th from 9AM - 12PM
Includes FREE breakfast and lunch
Great way to begin a student's transition to Salk!
Literacy Strategies is an elective course created to provide specially designed instruction in reading and writing.
This is a computer-based class that uses an online reading program called Fast ForWord.
Literacy Strategies
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