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DNA & Your Personal Genome

This Prezi introduces DNA sequence within the human genome and the assessment of SNPs in personal genome tests, such as 23andMe

Bryant McAllister

on 30 October 2015

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Transcript of DNA & Your Personal Genome

One inherited from your father and the other inherited from your mother
All 46 chromosomes are present in each cell of your body
The bases of DNA contain the recipe for life, and of course, each cell needs the same recipe.
Your Genome
DNA containing 3 billion basepairs
The 23andMe genetic test examines about 600,000 sites in your genome
only about 0.02% of your total DNA sequence
including sites from the maternally inherited mitochondrial DNA molecule
and including bases on the Y in the DNA of males
The sites, or SNPs, are known to be variable in the human population
SNPs are Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms
DNA & Your Personal Genome
Sex chromosomes contain genes that control sexual development
Females have a pair of X chromosomes
Males have an XY pair
The 22 pairs of autosomes each share a similar DNA sequence
Chromosome pair 1 is the longest with 249 million basepairs, and chromosome pair 21 is the shortest with almost 47 million basepairs
A & T pair
G & C pair
Organized into 23 Pairs of Chromosomes
DNA sequence consists of the series of A, C, G, & T bases along each strand of the molecule
Each person has a DNA sequence that is unique
A SNP chip is used to determine a person's genotype from their DNA
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