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Mine Vaganti NGO OFF Presentation 2018

MVNGO works on Erasmus+, Horizon 2020, Cosme, Europe for Citizens, Creative Europe, Justice, EaSi, the United Nations programmes (UNDEF) and with foundations such as EYF, Fondazione con il Sud, Anna Lindh and Open Society

Mine Vaganti NGO

on 19 September 2017

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Transcript of Mine Vaganti NGO OFF Presentation 2018

'Personal' information
European Project Writing;
Education Training Providers;
Communication and Consultancy for Public & Private Bodies;
Using Marketing Backgrounds of the Board Members;
Promoting Intercultural Dialogue, Education Through Sport, Environmental Protection, Social Entrepreneurship and Migrants Inclusion;
Increasing knowledge using non-formal and informal education;
Promoting global youth/adults mobility and glocal youth/adults exchanges;
"If you love your job you will never work a day in your life"
Curriculum Vitae
Mine Vaganti NGO

Name: Mine Vaganti NGO

Place of birth: Sardinia

Date of birth: 2009

Family status: In an excellent relationship with the World

Work experience (2009-2013)
Work experience (2014-2020)
18 Erasmus+ Key1 Youth
23 Erasmus+ K2 Youth/Adults/VET
5 Capacity Building Youth
4 Collaborative Partnership Sport
1 HEI Consortium 3+3 years
1 Cosme as coordinator
1 Justice Project
1 Fondazione con il Sud project
4 Europe for Citizens
3 EYF projects
4 Local foundations (Valdesi, GRND..)
Work experience (2009-2013)
Council of Europe - European Youth Foundation:
Inclusive Sport in Sardinia
Green Entrepreneurship in Sardinia
Gender Human Rights in Sardinia

Seventh Frame Programme:
Europe for All!
Forever Young!
'Personal' information
Work experience (2009-2013)
Youth in Action:
Decisamente Abili!
ExSport ME Import US
TC Inclusive Sports for All
Sounds Good!
Two Islands One Move
Rural Change Lead the Path
Let's Break the Bias
EVS Volunteering in Kirov
Communication skills
Ability to work under pressure
Presentation skills

Last VIP (Very Important Projects)
1. Capacity Building "Inclusion Through Sport"
The Executive Agency in Bruxelles (EACEA) granted ITS which includes 12 partners from 4 continents: Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Kenya, Senegal, Cameroon, Philippines, Hong Kong-China, India, Guatemala, Peru and Argentina.

2. Cosme "Forever Young"
“Forever Young”, aimed at increase, through transnational cooperation, the sustainability and competitiveness of the low and medium season within the framework of “grey-tourism” (55+).

3. Fondazione Con il Sud "Together for Tavolara"
Non Formal Education and Research through Area Marina Protetta

..Dream? Horizon 2020: Youth Passport 2020
Network & memberships
Leonardo da Vinci:
Learn & back
Learn & back 2

TC Inclusive Methods on Foreign Language
TC Education and Sports for All
Grundtvig Visits

Grundtvig Visits 2009-2013:
Study Visit at Cecis NGO
TC Be a Facilitator!
Preparatory Visit at Kean NGO
Study Visit at Spolint Think Tank
TC Environmental Education
Amazonia (French Guyana)
Working on:
Horizon 2020
Open Society
Fondazione con il Sud
Fondazione Banco Sardegna
European Non Governmental Organization
MV International

Youth and Environment Europe

International Sport and Culture Association
MVNGO Higher Education
Natural Occurrence
Dr. Maria Grazia Pirina
Vice President
PR Communication
Dr. Roberto Solinas
European Project Director
Sabrina Pirina
Hosting Mobilities
Ass.Prof. Domenico Dentoni, Phd
International relations
Barbara Solinas
Secretary & treasurer
1. Sassari: Via Fiore Bianco 13A
2. Sassari: Viale Mancini, UNISS
3 Uri: Via Tempio, Sportello Europa
4. Tempio Pausania: Piazza del Carmine, Biblioteca Comunale
5. Olbia: Via Porto Romano 11, Expo

Legal Headquarter:
Via D’Annunzio, 4
Perfugas 07034
Thank you for your attention!
Hosting Organization (Erasmus Placement, EVS, EYE, Foundations
MVNGO is also
VET Intermediary Partner and manages 3 K1 VET projects with Schools
Mine Vaganti NGO > MVNGO
"Mine Vaganti" means "something dynamic"...
For our staff of professionals it means being social entrepreneurs and keeping the passion for social purposes, in a modern conception of an NGO
MV International
MVNGO Sport Branch
MVNGO Pool of NFE Trainers
MVNGO International Staff
MVNGO Video Promo
The journey has just begun!

Some of MVNGO's members are accredited trainers of non-formal education at European level.
You can find some of their profiles on the official European database SALTO:

1. Roberto Solinas
2. Maria Grazia Pirina
3. Samanta Sedda
4. Faizan Khalid
5. Claudia Baltolu
6. Mattia Cordioli
7. Jure Sterman
8. Alberto Deiana
9. Lavinia Eretta
10. Giovanni Nurra
11. Shirin Amin
12. Antonio Saccone
13. Katherine Armstrong
14. Carlo Massei
MVNGO Branch in Vicenza (NGO Crea) and Berlin (NGO Nest)

MVNGO’s Board members

Public/Private Bodies MVNGO is consultant for EU project writing proposals

Associated members (Living also in London, Padova, Costa Rica..)

European Projects Granted between 2010-2016

Projects attended by our members all around the world in 2016

People which participated at least 1 project outside Italy in 2016

€ Amount of Euros spent for project in 2017
MVNGO on Social Network
MVNGO is working with the Universities of Wageningen and Sassari to write publications about:

1. New models of Social Entreprenurship: MVNGO as case study;

2. Non Formal Education Recognition.

3. Sport and Non Formal Education (ITS Format TC)
ITS Project > www.its-project.com
MVNGO Final Conference Cosme
Instagram: mvngominevaganti
Together For Tavolara Fondazione Con il Sud
For the deadline of May 2015, Mine Vaganti NGO designed in collaboration with the Marine Protected Area of Tavolara a project that aims to raise awareness to environmental protection.

10 qualified partners were involved in the Consortium: Area Marina Protetta Tavolara Punta Coda Cavallo; Associazione Slow Dive; Centro Nautico Levante; Reef Check; ITCG Attilio Deffenu di Olbia; Be The Change; Università degli Studi di Sassari; Comune di Olbia; Comune di Loiri – Porto San Paolo and Comune di San Teodoro.

The lines of action are 4: non-formal education, diving, sailing and data collection and analysis.
"Together for Tavolara" includes actions of active citizenship and environmental awareness-raising activities about the Protected Maritime Area of Tavolara.

The project lasts two years consists of marine and land activities to involve the population of the surrounding area.

The project involved the establishment of a specific online Platform dedicated to spreading and promoting project tourism offer www.foreveryoungtourism.eu.

“Forever Young!” enhanced transnational mobility by designing routes and products, based upon local cultural UNESCO heritage (immaterial and material such as oral traditions, monuments, Mediterranean dietary ecc.) in association with the promotion of local typical food and beverages in order to provide an unique learning experience: “living the culture”.

As concrete product, it will be developed and tested tourism packages for stimulating the transnational senior tourism flows.
The Consortium foresees the involvement of European experts, enterprises, tour operators, NGOs and municipalities active in the tourism field specially targeted to seniors.

This positive result confirms the important role played by project team with a peculiar view on social enterprise.
Mine Vaganti NGO is 1 of the 3 NGOs in Italy which manage a HEI Consortium wiht more than 100 Erasmus Placement mobilities per year..
At the Office..
MVNGO Higher Education
ITS Official Video..
MVNGO Youth Division
MVNGO Centro Giovani Santa Caterina
MVNGO managed for 2 years a Youth Center in the hisorical city center of Sassari
MVNGO Youth Division is in charge of organising, implementing and reporting Erasmus+ and EYF Youth Projects, Training Courses and Youth Exchanges with Non Formal Education Methodology. These projects are usually implemented in our "Sportello Europa" in Uri.
MVNGO Youth Division Last Projects..
TC+YE Erasmus+ K1 Green Power
MVNGO Website: Project Section
coming soon..
5 Collaborative Partneship (1 as coordinator
2 Capacity Building withs Sport as topic
1 Publication (ITS)
Happening now:
2 K2 Youth and VET With Sport as a topic
1 K1 Sport Adults as Sport as a topic
Final Conference ITS Nairobi 8th July 2017
MVNGO Departures
Every year MVNGO sends more than 250 youngsters abroad in Youth/HEI/VET Erasmus+ mobilities!
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