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Why Join?

No description

Pam Honeycutt

on 23 May 2018

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Transcript of Why Join?

Getting the Most out of Chamber Membership in ANY Economy
Business Climate
(C) University of Alabama
Culverhouse College of Commerce
Alabama business confidence has taken some wide swings in the 21st Century.
When the business climate is negative, you can't afford
to join the Chamber!

"I don't need to join the Chamber ..."
"Business is great ..."
"We're fine on our own ..."
So how does the Chamber help your business succeed in
type of economy?
Why Join?
It's All About
Meet people outside of your normal routines

Learn from different types of people

Grow your relationship building skills
Ribbon Cuttings are
great for this!
'Out of Sight,
Out of Mind' is REAL!
Clients buy from people they know and trust

Be seen in non-transactional settings

Nothing sells like
Business After Hours is a GREAT opportunity to solidify new relationships!
Get the Word Out!
Engaging new audiences is critical to growth

Use a variety of channels to share your message

Take advantage of free advertising wherever possible
The Chamber provides many low and no cost promotional opportunities for member businesses!
It's WHO you Know
AND WHAT you Know!
Keep learning!

Watch for business education seminars and workshops

Attend member luncheons featuring community focused speakers
The Chamber provides business workshops and training at low
or no cost to members!
Network, Network, Network!
Leverage events to get your message out

Be a Sponsor for extra recognition and perks

Invest your time! The payoff is substantial!
The Chamber hosts large and small events. Invest in the ones that are
right for you!
Participation is
the KEY!
Build Relationships
Establish Credibility
Engage New Audiences
Gain Knowledge
Leverage Opportunities

Make this investment in your business and watch new doors open!
"I can't afford to join
the Chamber ..."
"Maybe we should
just wait and see..."
"Times are tight ..."

with low and no-cost ways
to get your business seen
in a tough economy!

When the business climate is positive, it's good for your competition too.


keep your business in front of customers and top of mind at purchase time!

Monthly e-newsletter

Local Print Publications

MCC Social Media

On the Move Monitor

Madison Chamber Radio Show

MCC Website

Community Calendar
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