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Week 4: The Win-gineers

No description

Darin Gray

on 21 July 2015

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Transcript of Week 4: The Win-gineers

This Week
Aerospace Engineering
bottle rocket
model rocket
The Plan
Divide and Conquer
Bottle Rocket- Erica and Adrian
RC Plane- Nick and Kuner
Model Rocket- Jenelle
Model Rocket
easy to build (follow the lab manual)
paper and wood
Bottle Rocket
body of the rocket was a 2 liter bottle
filled 1/3 with water, pressurized with an air pump to allow take off
Arduino coding allowed for detachment of Styrofoam glider
PVC slices at the base acted as a counterweight to the battery pack housed in the top
garbage bag parachute was housed in another sector on top of battery pack
Week 4: The Win-gineers
Models/ Tests
>final/smashed model:
water-resistant snow cone cone, PVC slices act as counterweight, Arduino allows for timed release of glider, battery pack held in top
<initial model:
parachute hidden in paper cone (destroyed by water), no Arduino/ glider release system
Final Rocket Launch
The first test launch did not include an Arduino release system, however it did help in the evolution of the parachute release mechanism.
Adrian and Erica
The Airplane
Nick and Kuner
foam, hot glue, duct tape, rubber bands, motors, propeller
sculpting the foam for aerodynamics
elevators and rudders moved to allow flight control
practice flights
Trial and Error
test flights allowed for piloting lessons and adjustments in rudder/ elevator alignments
After first flight: rudder needed more power
Final test flight was awesome
Final Launch:
What Went Wrong:
the parachute did not deploy at maximum altitude
the rocket cap was supposed to deploy at maximum height due to gravity
cap was too tight, unable to release
parachute deployed after impact
End of Week Four
The Dream Team
Group Two 2015:
The Win-gineers
What We Learned
testing is extremely important
check during each stage of construction to ensure you are not building on broken parts
attaching an Arduino to a non-functional battery pack
communication is still vital
confidence is key when it comes to individually handling an aspect of a group project
(unseen... it slammed into the ground)
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