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Australian Animal Report

No description

Jess Kneale

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Australian Animal Report

Create an Informative Report
This Prezi will help you create your very own Native Australian Animal Report!

Second: Find information
You may like to use Storify to gather some information on your chosen animal.
Organise the Information
Appearance (What does it look like?)

Habitat and Diet (Where does it live and what does it eat?)

Predators and Adaptations (What eats it and how does it protect itself?)

Description of Young (Do they drink milk/live in a pouch, stay with mum for a short/long time and or come from and egg?)

Interesting Facts
Final Copy
First: Select a Native Australian Animal
Visit the links below to search some Native Australian Animals.
Report Writing

Storify Info

Example on Koalas
To find the best information select the "Google" icon and search for facts about your animal.
This is the site link
Use more than one website for information about your animal.
Proof read your work and then buddy swap.
Choose a picture which help shows what the animal and it's habitat looks like.
Present your work neatly by taking care while writing out your final copy.
Photo: "Koala in tree"
(Oceanwide Images, 2015)
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