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Interdependent Partnerships: from good intentions to shared

No description

Brian Duggan

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Interdependent Partnerships: from good intentions to shared

Characteristics of Interdependent Partnerships
Five characteristics of healthy partnerships
Healthy partnerships are not based on well written MOU’s but on deep relationships of trust
Partnerships are worth pursuing when we can accomplish more together than we can alone
Partnerships only work when there is both theological and missional compatibility
Five characteristics of healthy partnerships
Healthy partnerships respect the distinctives and autonomy of each party
Partnerships are based on clear, common objectives that all parties are committed to pursuing
Four types of partnerships
The relationship is valued as its own reward
Money has no role in the definition and essence of the relationship
How do we do this?
Genesis 2
To go fast, go alone, to go far, go together
Protection against “dumb tax” as each partner watches out for the other
Mutual discipleship through relationships that challenge each partner’s faith and spiritual growth
Reflect the multi-gift nature of the body of Christ
New ministry opportunities arise that wouldn’t have otherwise
New partnership opportunities arise as word gets out about the nature of interdependency
Interdependent Partnerships:
from good intentions to shared impact

Characteristics of Interdependent Partnerships
Trust enough to give without knowing when or how there will be a return
A common belief that God will use us together to accomplish his mission
Characteristics of Interdependent Partnerships
Mutual recognition of broken world views in each partner’s culture that it is not used against the other
Equals in God’s economy with appreciation of each other’s distinctiveness
Characteristics of Interdependent Partnerships
No fear about who gets credit
Commitment to each other’s success
Costs of Interdependent Partnerships
Starting with relationship means a longer timeframe to see measurable results
Cannot claim sole credit for results
Partner may get a higher profile than we do
No guarantee that things will work the way we planned or preferred
Costs of Interdependent Partnerships
We don’t exclusively control methods or outcomes
Our supporters may want to see us have more ownership, control and credit
The work will be seen as “ours together” rather than “mine alone”
A Garden created
Good looking and fruitful trees
Man works and takes care of it
Interdependent partnership
Prepare the soil
Core value: Humility
Discover and eliminate: pre-judgments, mental structures, barriers.
Evaluate: individual strengths and weaknesses, outside threats and opportunities
Plant the seed
Core value: Flexibility leading toward alignment
Alignment (start small, evaluating what we have)
Who will do what? How are we going to work together? How are we going to communicate as a team?
Core value: Clarity
Understand & prevent potential external threats & personal weaknesses. Create & communicate plans of action.
Nurture: use the resources that you have. (Strengths, time, money, infrastructure, people, etc.)
Harvest & prepare
Core value: Honesty
Evaluate growth, fruits, and goals.
Create plan of action on how to improve, protect, or change.
Celebrate little and big steps
Prepare new seeds, multiply.
Relational Barriers
(Not-so) hidden agendas
Seeking to be understood versus seeking to understand
Failure to prioritize time for non-formal relationship building
Cultural arrogance, self-promotion
Failure to recognize other’s value/wisdom/contribution
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