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PHC News Today's Truck IV

No description

Ashlei Cooper

on 16 June 2016

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Transcript of PHC News Today's Truck IV

How do you like this year's Snapchat

From pickups to
vans, contractors submitted their
“mobile offices”
for the fourth edition
of PHC News magazine’s work truck spotlight.

Thanks to all who participated!
PHC News presents...
To participate in

Cabrillo has been serving
the Bay Area in California
since 1961.

In 2015, they updated their
trucks with new wraps.

Great storage and organization
in Jim Craig Plumbing & Heating's
Mercedes Benz Sprinter.
This 2014 Dodge Promaster - One Ton features:
High roof so technician can stand up inside and store tall water heaters vertically.
Racks and bins for pipe and parts storage.
Ideal height, as it's low to the ground for ease of loading of equipment or tools.
Power key fob for locking doors.
Front wheel drive.
Diesel powered (21 to 22 MPG loaded).

This 2016 Ford E350 service van
has a Spartan cargo box.

Because Koegel services a rural
area, they must keep plenty of items on the truck in order to best serve customers.

With the 14-foot box and
custom-made storage system,
they carry just about anything
needed for emergency calls
and daily jobs.

The 2016 Mercedes Sprinter Van has provided this company with lots of storage space to stock the van with all standard plumbing materials for appointments.

It is now easier for them to service customers on the spot.

The 2013 Dodge Ram 2500 Promaster helps Ellingson on its water treatment jobs.

The truck carries water softeners and allows techs to install them quickly.

This service and repair vehicle is a 2010 Ford F-450.

It has 6.9 liter, V-10 gas engine, heavy duty trans with trans cooler, dually rear end and tow package.

The 12-foot box bed has four cutaway compartments on each side, the interior has two built in ladder racks, 110 electrical outlet, interior shelves and a boom hoist.

This truck was custom wrapped by Gorilla printing out of Pasadena, California.

This 2016 Ford Transit 4x4 is known for how it handles.

It assures customers that the company can get to them day or night, and in rain, sleet or snow!
The gentlemen of McGee & Sons Plumbing trust a Ford van to weather beach terrain and reach clients.
This Chevrolet Kodiak C4500 is used to
carry specialized
equipment for
residential and
commercial epoxy pipelining.
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