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BUS 150-Creating a Business Plan

Details for Business Plans

Soledad McCarthy

on 11 October 2018

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Transcript of BUS 150-Creating a Business Plan

And all that Jazz
Creating a Business Plan
Company Description
Clear Understanding of your Company

How many Employees?

How is your Company set-up?
Do you Have more than 1 Target Market ?
Who are they?
Market Analysis
Should be at least 1 full page
A brief description of your plan
Clear understanding of your Target Demographic
Executive Summary
Financial Review
Balance Sheet
Cash Flow
Break-Even Analysis
Don't Worry...

Many companies won't see
a profit for a few years

Each plan MUST show a profit at some point
Action Plan
You want to start a business....

What are your Next Steps towards Success???
The attractiveness of a market within it's industry
This section should include a SWOT for your company

Key components:
Market Profitability
Market Size
Market Growth Rate
Key Success Details
Marketing Overview
You completed your Marketing Plan...Don't make the mistake
of adding in the whole plan
This should be a succinct overview of your Marketing Strategy
It should be engaging and communicate the size and scope of the business opportunity
What are your unique qualifications?
Competitor Analysis
Who Are your Competitors?

You need a strong understanding of what's out there
The Plan should be a Maximum of 10 Pages
cover to cover in a word doc
This includes all of your appendices & graphs
Your presentation MUST include a PowerPoint or Prezi
You will have 6 minutes to present and 2 minutes for questions
You need to Practice, Practice, Practice
What are your Financial Projections?
Based on your sales what are your projections for the next 3-5 years??
D0 you have staying power?
Yes, this is an estimate. Be realistic in your projections
This is a great visual for your plan and presentation
Your Business Plan must be submitted via CANVAS
I Suggest Using a Chart for this
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