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Quality for Life explains: Game Design for Emiratis

UAE National Games 2013

Quality for Life

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Quality for Life explains: Game Design for Emiratis

Quality for life explains: game design for Emiratis what is game-based learning for emiratis? Basic Game Design Format Professional and Personal Value Scientific Theory Framework Customization for Emiratis
in the UAE context Volunteer as a Games Facilitator or Sign up for Workshops with Quality for Life Read all game descriptions. Register for games in categories like Team-Based, Competitions, Art Exhibits and Special Needs Professional and personal development : How can I serve my UAE better? Improve professionally:
Employability Skills
Intercultural Communication
Team Management
Entrepreneurship skills
Knowledge Management
civic duty network with experts and increase visibility in the private sector
Reinforce my emirati identity present my skills and talents at national level: Technology, media, art, business, creativity, innovation serve Improving Knowledege and increasing Creativity Emirati Identity: Culture and Heritage Employability Skills
Game Design Efforts Emirati Individual 1.Adding to the Knowledge Development efforts of UAE Vision 2030 Games Benefits Personal Professional Network with experts
Communicate in Teams
Manage Finance
Preserve Environment
Critical Business Decisions for more information www.uaenationalgames.com 2. Preserving Emirati Cultural Identity
3. Volunteering to give back.
4. Improve employability skills and presence in Private Sector professional Content Developed and Presented by Quality for Life Team for the UAE National Games


So how did we design these games? how will UAE national games help me? 1. Nationwide visibility
2. Opportunities for under-represented areas of UAE
3. Market yourself nationally
4. Give your message on Media Emirati Community Empower Women Know what employers want Know your Civic Duty Budgeting
Goals Self Actualization
Presentation Skills

Delegate and provide autonomy to women in workforce. Encourage higher education for women regardless of your location in UAE. Look for online options. Invest in traditional handicraft business Understand team dynamics and communication protocol
Prioritize tasks, observe punctuality
Create ambitious goals to succeed Diversify economy for knowledge management and transfer
Accommodate Elderly Emiratis
Preserve Emirati Culture
Celebrate the Emirati Heritage
Commercialize the use of Arabic Language and Emirati Dialect in youth
Provide constructive activities for youth after school Quality for Life has consciously designed games with the Emirati Individual in mind. All games have clear goals and learning objectives. They are geared towards increasing awareness and knowledge in key work place and domestic issues. They are designed to develop skills and problem solving strategies. Priority to develop and manage effective Emirati teams is given over “blind fun” games. While the games have a strong instructional/educational element, the props, environment and the entire game context is lightened up using colours, novelty items, sound effects, olfactory sensations and real life simulations. Excitement, anticipation, challenging conflicts, brainstorming and conversations using key words are all in the package of a single game environment. Technology utilization is foremost. How to Register? How to improve your quality of life personally and professionally using LIVE gaming environment in the UAE National Games. sign up at www.uaenationalgames.com Learn about the Emirati Community Responsive Workshops designed by Q4L Emirati Individual development Become a Global Performer with best practice business skills... Select a game Read the game description Click to Register 2 3 3 4 Basic Game Design Format •The Goals
•The Rules
•The Feedback, Coaching, Training
•Motivation to participate freely
•Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence

•Adult Learning Theories (Andragogy)

•Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Game Categories Go through all Game Categories in the Games Web Page of the UAE National Games Website How to Register? 1 5 pay with any card through PayPal Scientific Theory framework All games are tied firmly to the following Learning Theories
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