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SHS The Oregon Promise

No description

Kalyn Knudsvig

on 29 October 2015

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Transcript of SHS The Oregon Promise

The Oregon Promise and You
What is it?
Who Should Apply?
Frequently Asked Questions
Who Is Eligible?
Application Questions
Using the Oregon Promise Grant
Notification of Award
Get the info at
How Will I be Notified of my Award?
OSAC will notify students by email in Spring 2016. To ensure receipt of email notifications, students should provide an active email address on the FAFSA and the Oregon Promise application. The award will also be included in the financial aid package students receive from the school they plan to attend in Fall 2016.
How Will My Award Be Disbursed To Me?
OSAC will release a portion of the student's Oregon Promise funds to the student's school at the start of each academic term, and the student's school will apply funds to the student's campus account.
How can the Oregon Promis funds be used?
The Oregon Promise prvides tuition grants for students working toward completion of a community college certificate or degree. In instances where their tuition is covered by other state and federal grants, students may receive a $1,000 Oregon Promise Grant for use toward room and board, transportation, or books.
Will the Oregon Promise Grant cover all of my tuition at my community college?
The Oregon Promise program provides funding up to the state community colleges' average tuition for full-time enrollment. Students are responsible for paying the difference between the average tuition cost and the cost at the school where they are enrolled.

The average cost for Fall 2016 has not been set.
What Expenses Will I be responsible for?
The Oregon Promise provides tuition grants. In instances where a student's tuition is covered by other state and federal grans, students may receive an Oregon Promis award of $1,000 for use toward room and board, transportation, or books.

Students pay $50 per term.
If I qualify for other grants or scholarships, how will the Oregon Promise funds be applied?
All state and federal grants, such as Federal Pell Grant and Oregon Opportunity Grants, will be applied first toward your tuition. Once all state and federal grans are applied, the Oregon Promise funds will be used to offset remaining tuition costs.
When do I need to apply?
Application materials must be submitted between November 1, 2015 and March 1, 2016. These include:
Oregon Promise Application
High School transcript of GED scores
FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aide) or the state's approved alternate application.
We highly suggest applying November 1st !
Is there a rolling application deadline?
No. Application materials must be submitted between November 1, 2015 and March 1, 2016
We suggest you apply November 1st !
Is there an alternate form to complete for students wo are not eligible for federal financial aid?
U.S. Citizens and eligible non-U.S. citizens must complete the fAFSA to be considered for the Oregon Promise grant. Individuals who are not eligible for federal student aid must complete the state's approved alternate application.
Who is Eligible?
Individuals who:
graduate from an Oregon high school or complete GED in Spring/Summer of 2016
Have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
Have been an Oregon resident for at least 12 moths prior to enrolling in community college
Enroll in community college within 6 months of graduating high school
Be enrolled in an eligible program at least half time
Students must maintain 2.5 gpa in college.
Is the Oregon Promise
program available to
Non-US citizens?
Yes. To be eligible, individuals must complete their high school or GED program in Oregon and have resided in the state of Oregon for at least 12 months prior to enrollment at a community college.
Is the Oregon Promise
available to students
who are enrolled
less than full-time?
In some cases, yes. Students who attend Oregon community collee at least half time (6 to 11 credits per term) and meet other eligibility requirements will be able to benefit from the Oregon Promise. Students who are enrolled less than half time are not eligible.
Application process opens up November 1st.
First, apply for the Oregon Promise.

We are suggesting you do this November 1st.

Application will be available
November 1st.
Go to
Apply to your community college and have your transcripts sent.
You should do this November 1st as well

Apply for FAFSA or the approved alternate application.

You can start applying January 1st and we suggest you do so
Really.....College for free?
Close....tuition is covered by the grant. Students will have to pay $50 a term and are responsible for books......but classes are covered.
What's the Catch?
You have to Apply!
This isn't locking you into community college but gives you that option......so why not apply, even if it's just a backup plan.
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