Where will you take your audience today?

View, practice, and present anywhere with our free Prezi Viewer app for iOS and Android.

Set your great ideas in motion

Download your presentation to your phone or tablet. Practice en route to the big meeting. Pitch to the prospect you meet on the flight home. Take Prezi anywhere. Even when there's no wi-fi.


Prezi helps me convey complex points and wow my audience with sumptuous visuals. It’s a great way to stand out during presentations that really matter.

Chris Bennett

VP, Business Development, Tao Group

On the same page, even miles apart

Collaborate and comment in a single real-time file. Share your presentation using a simple link. Control who sees it even after you send it out.


We have a mobile version of our pitch that can be even more compelling than visiting our office. We're able to set it up anywhere on the fly and present seamlessly.

Craig Hanson

Associate Director of Marketing, Sharp

Hold anyone's attention. Literally.

Keep the audience in the palm of your hand with conversational presentations directly from your mobile device. Or, make your phone a remote clicker to present on a big screen.

Take mobile presenting to the Next level