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Symbols Art Foundations Drawing Project

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Melanie Burnell Rapp

on 15 August 2018

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Transcript of Symbols Art Foundations Drawing Project


Art Foundations
Identity is an ambiguous term
Inner Sense

Outer Sense
Identity can also be about your culture, sexuality/gender, and spirituality.
Art is a way of
Identity (as a member of a group or unique individuality)
- Collective idea about oneself
- Way a person thinks, feels, behaves
- Ego identity ("the self)
- Core values
Inner Sense
Development of Self-Awareness:
object orientation-
Learning about the world of objects other than self
spatial orientation-
ability to get from one place to the next
temporal orientation-
gives sense of place in time
normative orientation-
moral values, ideals principals
- Nature vs. Nurture
- Children are biologically not equipped to survive without culture
- Biological capacity for what we think of as humans must be nurtured to be realized

An anthropological conceptualisation of Identity. Zagorka Golubovié






How we define everyday situations depends on our respective backgrounds and experiences.

The wealthy individuals have learned through interactions with others that spending money on one’s pets is a worthy expense.

His reality is one of pride.

The minimum-wage worker has learned through interactions with others spending that much money on a pet is a negative thing, so his perception of the situation is entirely different.
“Art is the most natural and the clearest expression we have"
Anthropologists see Art as an important source and way of identity's expression.
It is therefore, highly important for them to consider it when coming to the study of Identity inner or outer.

The theme for your project is...
Outer Sense
* Style: Hair, jewelry, clothing, makeup, accessories...
* Body language
* Facial Expressions
* Gender
* Physical expression of beliefs (religious, etc): Crosses, star of David, Hijab, etc.
* Peer groups, activities & interests
Step One: Research #Inquire
In your sketchbook:
* Brainstorm a list of things that you associate with your identity.
* Symbols: How can you visually represent some of your most important identity items?
* Practice sketching these symbols. You will pick 4 or 9 for your final artwork. #DEsign
Our Project
We will CREATE by PRACTICING our drawing skills!
Brainstorm what makes you
Activities, experiences, friends, interests, passions, places, feelings, ambitions, etc.
In your sketchbook, sketch symbols that represent the items on your brainstorm list.
Pick 4 or 9 symbols that you want to draw for this project.
On your final piece of paper:

Measure your paper.

You will need 4 or 9 squares on your paper.

How will you divide your paper to create equal squares?
the squares with your pencil. It will look like a grid.

Lightly sketch
each symbol in it's square.

Figure out your color scheme
Think about complementary colors and color psychology.

How will you incorporate the elements and principles?
Value, texture, shape, form, rhythm...
1. 4 or 9 equally measured squares
(use your ruler to create perfect lines)
2. 4 or 9 symbols
3. Intentional use of color.
4. use colored pencil techniques (saturation, blending, etc).
4. Use of elements and principles: value, texture, shape, form, balance...
5. Piece is complete (no white left on paper).
6. Craftsmanship! Best effort & work ethic.

Let's get those sketchbooks out and start brainstorming!
Sorry! but...

no Logos
no Stick figures

Be original
be You!
A colored pencil project!
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