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GameMusic.pl Portfolio

No description

Pawel Mihulka

on 20 December 2016

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Transcript of GameMusic.pl Portfolio

History & Mission

Our Team
History & Mission
GameMusic.pl has been founded in 2006 as a community unifying the fans fascinated by the music from video games. "That was a revelation. For the first time the music from behind the scenes appeared to us as the most significant component. We couldn't just simply pass by..."
Our Mission is to spread the recognition of game music, present the proficiency of the industry, co-operate and co-create the vision and trends of the music and support the growing community with touching, evermemorable moments of amusement.
GameMusic.pl has recently celebrated 10th anniversary of a relentless fascination for the beauty of tones hidden in the world of virtual amusement. Throughout these years GameMusic.pl has established solid foundations of a soul crusade including a dedicated community of several thousands fans, lively portal revealing the industry’s latest news and above all a growing awareness and interest towards the hi end music accompanying games in a variety of types.
University Education
Organization and co-organization of large concerts
Man of a great heart when it comes to music. A tireless discoverer of unique sounds. For many years he’s been continuously sharing with others his passion for melodies from video games.
Krzysztof Bińczak
Keeps seeing patterns in the ivy. Ventilates his mind instead of washing it. Doesn’t know if he’s a Zen Buddhist.
Marta Śliż
Plays her keyboards with passion worthy of the Phantom of the Opera. Dances with fire just like Kevin Costner did with the wolves. A video game addict, certified.
Mariusz Borkowski
Editor-in Chief
- Final Fantasy (Łódź 2016) - Zespół Critical Hit (FMF 2015)
- Paul Anthony Romero (Toruń 2015) - Video Games Live (Katowice 2015)
- Game On Music (Kraków 2014) - AlterFMF (Kraków 2014)

GameMusic.pl provides workshops at Silesian University at the Faculty of Art. Together with the composers we provide lectures and practical exercises for "Game and virtual space design" students.

GameMusic Radio and Podcasts
We broadcast on an internet radio RMF GameMusic featuring awarded hits, newscasts, and music charts.
We also created a series of podcasts where we invite composers and branch artists to discuss premieres and newly released albums.
Festivals and Discussion Panels
We cooperated with Film Music Festival (FMF) and Digital Dragons Trade where we organized game music related discussion panels.
We invited:
Garry Schyman, Marcin Przybyłowicz
Arkadiusz Reikowski, Trevor Morris,
Daniel Licht, Olivier Deriviere
GameMusic in PSX Magazine
We are responsible for the music section in PSX magazine
Community & Social Media
We are proud to have a growing community of several thousands dedicated fans who shape the game music environment and actively support us in our projects.
We are active in social media where our teams of editors and journalists create and provide content to the community.
Konrad Belina - Brzozowski
Anna Skibińska
Business Partners
The Professional Portfolio of
Deep dive into the symphony of the games.
+48 607 186 342
redakcja@gamemusic .pl
An admirer of graphics, digital painting, as well as game music.
Also an owner of four cats (so far).
You know – artists tend to be eccentric.
Student of Game Design, specialising in Audio for Video Games on the University of Silesia.
An electronic musician, recording technician, nerd, and geek.
Michał Broda
Mean deviation noticed in music. Books all around apartment. Pushes the envelope and watches while it bends.
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