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Lesson 4 Traits and Heredity

No description

Kerry DeWeese

on 6 February 2017

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Transcript of Lesson 4 Traits and Heredity

Lesson 4 Traits and Heredity
These brown bear cubs resemble their mother. Is it just a coincidence, or do parents pass traits on to their offspring?
This weaver bird instinctively builds its nest.
Heredity is the passing down of traits from parents to offspring.
Inherited traits are traits that an offspring receives from its parents.
An instinct is a way of acting or behaving that an animal is born with and does not have to learn.
A learned behavior is developed during the course of an animal's lifetime.
genes contains chemical instructions for inherited traits.
dominate traits masks the other form of the same trait.
recessive trait-the form of a trait that is hidden.
Pedigree is a chart used to trace the history of traits in a family.
carrier is any individual who has inherited the gene for a trait.
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