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Must-Have Tools in a Makerspace

No description

Erin Anna

on 14 November 2016

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Transcript of Must-Have Tools in a Makerspace

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Laser Cutter Projects
Tool #2
Raspberry Pi
Must-Have Tools in a Makerspace
Maker Ed

Raspberry Pi Projects
Home Theatre System - plays Netflix, Amazon Prime and your downloaded media collection
Door sensor - tells you whether restroom is occupied or vacant
Mini-Robots - Raspberry Jolt designed to shoot Nerf darts
Multi-purpose & versatile
Ease of use
Send designs straight from computer
Retina Engrave - Windows
Can be used with various materials
Full Spectrum Laser Cutter
- starting at $3,499
20" x 12" cutting area
P-Series Pro
- starting at $7995
24" x 16" cutting area
Laser Cut Leather Armbands
Acrylic Love Necklace
Personalized Wooden Coasters
Paper Wedding Invitations
Metal Time Zone Clocks
Laser Cut Egg Shells
Tiny computer - size of credit card
Inexpensive - Portable - Durable
Designed to make computing accessible to young people
Extensive range of uses
Both fun and practical
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