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Copy of Section 1: The Development of Cell THeory and Microscopy


Gromer Gromenauer Nauer

on 23 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Section 1: The Development of Cell THeory and Microscopy

Los "centrifugaos"
The cell is the basic structural and function unit of all known living organisms.
In 1595, it is believed that Hans and Zacharias Janssen, dutch lenses-maker invented the first microscope using a two-lens system of an eyepiece, or ocular lens or an objective lens. This is also known as the first "compound" microscope. Meaning it uses more than one lens to magnify an object.
Los improvisados
Trabajos realizados por los grupos científicos de 4º ESO C
Asignatura: Biología
y Geología
Elaboración de las maquetas
Y seguimos con más trabajos
Las científicas
Casar de Miajadas
Los correcaminos
Los Rurumaníacos
This is the flat platform where the slides are placed. It helps you move the slide to the position you want it to be whether it's to the left, up, down, or to the right.
Las Coters
Example:When you move the slide to the left the image you see through the eyepiece will be the opposite of what you see.
This shines light through the specimen so that the tiny cells in the specimen could be seen through the eyepiece.
The base is what supports the whole microscope. Also, this is where the light source is located.
Maria Benidicta Illgan Lacson
Genevie Marie Pedron Magdales
Patricia Anne DeGuzman Perez
Profesora: Minerva Martín García
we use the microscope
in our everyday use like in a hospital. We use these instruments to find diseases and cures to cure diseases. We can also use the microscope in a classroom to recognize how to use one and learn about the specimen your class is learning about.
Célula animal y célula vegetal
Proyecto: Acércate a la Ciencia
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