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À la carte - Capitalisation

No description

Alpine Space

on 5 August 2015

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Transcript of À la carte - Capitalisation

The Alpine Space Programme
from a funding instrument to a policy driver

Interreg III B
forming, storming, ruling, performing
transnational spirit upgradable
projects: networks, databanks
weak connections among projects

Prospective Study
Alpine challenges call for coordinated action of
EUSALP will serve as integrated framework
Alpine Space programme as
of numerous instruments and funding sources is ready to contribute
Thank you!
Impact Assessment
Strategy Development Project 2011
long-term strategic orientation
pave the way towards programme 2014-2020
contribute to debate on macro-regional strategy
Alpine Space Programme
based on extensive stakeholder dialogue
focus and result orientation
established structures & procedures
objectives and activities along the 3 roles
initiate & fund projects
contribute to EUSALP
promote alpine networks & dialogue
harmonised and simpler rules and documents
smart steering and assessment of projects
defined topics for transnational cooperation
elaborated ideas for strategic projects
called for a joint strategy of coordination between different ETC-strands
made proposals to improve project generation and selection
major tool for coordination of climate change and risk-management activities
established networks across borders,
levels and sectors
policy recommendations
reduce gap between project and programme level
key impacts of programme are in policy issues
define programme as policy promoter
improve projects through recognition of their context
Key statements
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