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Warning: Disability Trolls/Predators on Facebook

This presentation warns people about the presence and dangers of Disability Trolls/Predators on Facebook.

Erik Kondo

on 29 March 2015

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Transcript of Warning: Disability Trolls/Predators on Facebook

Have you looked at
your Facebook friends?

Are some of your Facebook
"friends" men
pretending to be women?
Yes, they may have some photographs of themselves
in a wheelchair or with an amputation. But those photos could be of someone else.

Real people are tagged by
other real people in group
photos. Fake people
don't get tagged.

Have you ever looked at
their "friend" list?

Do they mostly friend women? Lots and lots of women?
Young attractive women? Many with disabilities?
Do they follow or subscribe to
these types of women?
Do they seem to only
have disability related
interests and "likes".

Do they post mainly
on disability related

Do they message you privately and ask personal questions about your injury and sexual function?

Do they ask you to send them photographs of your
legs, feet and more?
There are male predators on Facebook
and other social media that target female amputees and wheelchair users.

Many times they assume the fake identity of a woman with a disability in order to deceive their victims into letting down their guard.

They solicit intimate details about sexual function and toileting issues. They steal private photographs and upload them to disability fetish websites. They stalk their victims and more...

If you answered YES to some
or all of these questions, then
mostly likely your Facebook

That makes you and your real friends with disabilities his unsuspecting VICTIMS.

The best method to deal with a
Disability Troll is to BLOCK and
REPORT him as a fake.

At the very least you should
UNFRIEND him in order to not
expose your real Facebook
friends to being deceived by him.
Do they have NO high school,
college, and/or work friends?

Real people have groups of friends from different periods in their life.

Want to learn more?
Brought to you by the non-profit NOT-ME! Inc.
Join the Cause and fight the Trolls!
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