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Quarterly Reports

No description

Chelsea Carlson

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of Quarterly Reports

Quarterly Reports
Quarterly Progress Reports for the RSN
Presentation created in January of 2015 by VISTA Leader Chelsea Carlson
In this presentation, we will go over:
• The purpose of Quarterly Progress Reports
• What is done with the data collected
• And how to go about completing these reports

“The purpose of the report is to track the project's progress against the goals outlined in the VISTA Project Plan, and to update the CNCS State Office on the project's challenges and successes. The Progress Report also helps CNCS and the sponsor to be accountable to stakeholders, identify technical assistance needs, reassess the project and make any necessary adjustments, and build a cumulative project record for future reference.”
What happens after I submit?
These reports are compiled by the VISTA Leader and Project Director into one report that is sent to the CNCS.
What and How?
Data reporting:
You will be asked to report on
Data relating to numbers of
individuals served
Numbers of
Amount of new
Number of
Amount of
Number of
materials and programs

VISTA Member
development trainings
Thank you!
And good luck!

You will be asked to tell the story of your project.

This should include both the successes and challenges that occurred during the quarter.
Make sure to include personal stories alongside statistics.

VISTA Time Sheets and Days Off:

You must report
sick days
personal days
emergency days
Save your reports!
Only include data from the current reporting period.
Use the Quarterly Report as an opportunity to look at the progress of your site’s project thus far and evaluate your future steps.

It is also a great opportunity to celebrate the milestones you have reached and re-energize yourselves for the rest of the year.
Number of active volunteers

When reporting the number of volunteers recruited for this quarter, make sure the numbers only reflect volunteers that the VISTA actively participated in recruiting or were recruited through efforts that the VISTA initiated.
Number of active volunteers

Report the number of volunteers that the VISTA has worked with and supported.

These do not need to be new volunteers but they need to have been active during the reporting period.
In-Kind Donations
Any non-cash donations of goods or services obtained either directly by the VISTA or through efforts the VISTA member initiated or was a part of.
Monetary grants
Any actual money raised due to efforts by the VISTA or with the VISTA’s assistance such as writing grants or conducting service events.
These are an agreement between the host site with an outside organization that advances the interest of both parties. Report numbers for the Partnerships and Collaborations that the VISTA member was involved in establishing.
The VISTA Impact App
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