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From Voice-over PowerPoint to Google Hangouts: Flipping the Classroom for Language Learning

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Vickie Karasic

on 8 July 2014

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Transcript of From Voice-over PowerPoint to Google Hangouts: Flipping the Classroom for Language Learning

From Voice-over PowerPoint to Google Hangouts:
Flipping the Classroom for Language Learning

Voice-over Narration:
Why PowerPoint?
Already heavily used by many instructors
Wide variety of faculty/staff/students at workshops
UPHS, Nursing, Wharton, SAS...all with good things to say about PowerPoint!
Video in PowerPoint
Like the relationship between cat and dog...
Growing popularity of MOOCs and online/hybrid learning
Recording/video options are easy to put online, especially in
it's complicated between PowerPoint and YouTube.
It's easy to do
Language professors request private group and individual workshops...
Helen McFie Simone,
Italian Studies
Melanie Peron,
French Studies
In December 2013, WIC presented on voice-over PowerPoint at the PLC Symposium
French 202: Voice-over PowerPoint and
iMovie to take on the persona of a character
who lived through WWII in Paris
Another class, French 227, used Skype to meet someone who really lived through WWII in Paris...
Vickie Karasic
Digital Projects Fellow, WIC/EC

(Hint: for a Google Hangout to work, each side needs a computer with a camera!)
Another French class used
Google Hangouts to chat with students in Paris...
Whether PowerPoint, Skype, or
Google Hangouts,
it's clear that video enhances language learning...
"Flipping the Italian 120 Classroom: Preparing Students for Better in-Class Participation"
Ji-Young Jung, Korean Language Program
"Development of Multimedia Course Materials to Facilitate Beginner-Level Korean Learners' Pragmatic Competence"
Video projects have inspired other events, like Scholarship De-Printed...
and new workshops, like Flipped Classroom Tools, Prezumé, and Audio and Video in PowerPoint
"Video and Screen Capture Tools for Language Learning: Lessons Learned"
CALICO Book Series Volume 13
Researching Language Learner Interaction Online: From Social Media to MOOCs
It's also inspired a book chapter
Stay tuned!
Melanie Peron's grandmother,
Odette Bouziat. She is 93 years old.
Helen McFie Simone
Italian Studies
...as we saw at the PLC Showcase
in May.
Ed Dixon,
PLC Technology Director
PLC's Foreign Language Certificate in Instructional Technologies and Online Learning
Instructors must take 6 WICshops in addition to other PLC requirements
They then used Skype to speak with the author of the novel they read in class.
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