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Newington Athletics Preseason Presentation

No description

Christopher Meyers

on 26 August 2017

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Transcript of Newington Athletics Preseason Presentation

Condition in the offseason
NHS provides
conditioning sessions
Some run by teams and some by program
Practice is not optional
Practices may be 6 days a week
Must attend every practice including over school breaks (
Discuss season schedule with family before the year begins
Best effort everyday
Goal is to make others better
Every student athlete has the opportunity to be a leader
Set the example that others should follow
Captains earn their position
Each team has a selection process
Captains can be removed if they are not fulfilling their leadership obligations
Leadership Award is given every year
Does not have to be a captain
Work hard to make the team better however the coach decides
Discuss any concerns with the coach
Display positive sportsmanship
Earn playing time
Not guaranteed at any level
Not Senior or Freshmen athletes, but all equal student athletes
Conflict Resolution
1. Student-Coach
2. Parent/Guardian
3. Director of Athletics
Support coaches decision
Encourage student athletes to self advocate
Do not accept the response that they are scared to talk to the coach (They need to learn this critical life skill)
Help them accept feedback and work to improve abilities
If a parent criticizes the coach then the player will not strive to succeed
The player will blame the coach, which could impact the success of the team

Positive sportsmanship
Do not criticize coaches, officials, or other players
Cheer for our team and not against others
Violation of Sportsmanship Expectations
1st Offense
2nd Offense
Season ban from sporting events
3rd Offense
Year ban from all sporting events
Removal from game &/or game suspension
Get involved
Join the Booster Club
Come and cheer for our student athletes
Talk positively about our programs
Encourage parents of younger student athletes to get involved and play
Stop other spectators and student athletes from spreading negativity about coaches, players, or officials

Monitor academic performance & expect greatness in the classroom
& athletics
Communicate effectively
Give the
the best chance to succeed
*Ensure safety & wefare of student athletes*
Reinforce positive behaviors
Best effort in class every day
Student-Coach-Teacher communication
Study Halls during & after school
Extra Assistance
Academic All Conference
98 student athletes earned high honors in '16-'17
Academic All State
CIAC Scholar Athlete
Represent NHS 24/7/365
Expect no discipline issues in or out of school
Student athletes are role models
Time Management
Maximize class time and study halls to complete assignments
Prepare for large assignments in advance
Do not schedule unnecessary appointments
Work Ethic
Improve in school during school
Complete assignments to the best of your ability
Assist other students and/or student athletes who may be struggling in a class you are successful in
No excuses
Extra Assistance program
Students with a D or F must attend an extra help session in order to practice
Reduced students with a D & F by 12%
Forms for program located on newingtonathletics.com
ISS, OSS, or Saturday Detention
Game suspensions
Cannot participate in any activities during discipline period
Monitor student behavior and communicate issues to athletic staff
Monitor Extra Assistance and use Power School to encourage academic growth
Verify with son/daughter is using their school time effectively and help with strategies to improve
Assist son/daughter with organizational skills to plan and prepare accordingly
Program Initiatives
Coaches vs Cancer
Unified Sports Events
ALS Walk
Community Meals
Hartford Marathon
Raking leaves for local families
Miracle League Baseball
Youth camps and clinics
Athletic Leadership Council
Event management
Supporting Others
A critical piece of athletics is working each day to improve the skills and abilities of your teammates.
Learn and display ethical competition
Do the Right Thing
Make the right decision when no one is watching
Comprehensive website dedicated to Newington Athletics
Schedules, scores, standings, statistics, history, news, events, NCAA, concussion education, etc.
Use to gain information and answer questions you may have
"Like" Newington Athletics
Event updates
Breaking news
Upcoming events

Follow nhsindians
View updates using www.twitter.com/nhindians
Athletics after high school
Make coaches and guidance counselors aware
Check approved NCAA courses for NHS
Visit NCAA resource page on newingtonathletics.com
NCAA NIGHT: October 12th @ 6pm in the Cafe
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