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_____ Consultancy

No description

Danielle Philippe

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of _____ Consultancy

'The World of Oxford'
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
"The World of Oxford"
24% City population is in full time education
Future Growth
Development into further academic subjects; such as:
Performing arts

Partnerships with established companies in Oxford such as Oxford Leider Festival

SWOT analysis of Oxford's current events
Strong focus on the arts and education
Heritage and history of Oxford conveyed through traditional events and tour events
University focused events draw large crowds particularly internationals
Why is this the most suitable type of event for Oxford?
Events that were considered
Pet shows
Waterways project
Theme 'The World of Oxford'
Educational events based on Oxford's key characteristics
Aim to increase engagement and interest in education
Through three key audiences
With specifically chosen venues
High potential of future growth
Thank you for listening
Any Questions?
Contemporary Consultants
43% City population is qualified to degree level or higher.
Only 52% of GCSE students in Oxford get A*-C grade compared to the average of 59% in England.
Large number of people employed in universities, public sector, publishing and tourism.
Oxford Inspires wants to "
..work to engage as many people as possible in exciting and enjoyable cultural experiences, raising Oxfordshire's profile as a cultural destination within the UK and internationally

Range of small events but very few stand out events
Local engagement is low
Complacency of event sector
Undeveloped links between tourism institutes
For a unique educational festival
To engage with people of all ages particularly younger people
Need to be distinctive from other educational events
Local people engaged
Four shows:
Myths and Legends
Three tiers of clientele:
General public
A series of educational, cultural and historical events
Keys reasons not chosen:
Low attendance
Low international attraction
No link to Oxfordshire's destination brand
Oxford Town Hall

Oxford University Parks

Oxford Examination Schools

St Johns College Gardens
Possible venues future growth
Main Hall capacity: 400
Assembly Room capacity: 200
Old Library capacity: 120
North School capacity: 330
South School capacity: 440
East School capacity: 160
New Theatre Oxford
Capacity: 1,785
Christ Church Oxford
Main Hall capacity: 300
Blue Boar Lecture Theatre: 120
McKenna Room: 60
Lecture Room 1: 54
Lecture Room 2: 60
Old Library: 20
Dodgson Room: 30
St. Aldates Church
Capacity: 650
The Kings Centre Oxford
Main Hall capacity: 1000
+ meeting rooms
Oxford University - Catholic Chaplaincy - Newman Room
Capacity - 300
An academic buzz on a historic,
poetic background
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