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Beyond the Market Project

No description

Jillian Merrick

on 5 August 2015

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Transcript of Beyond the Market Project

Phase 3: All Killer, No Filler
The people have spoken. What do they want?
Learning, training & networking
A central connection to bring all agencies together
Tailored support for individual needs
Extension of resources into the local communities
Celebration of local successes
Up to date and regionally relevant info
Answers for a million questions
A real person
The Story of the Beyond the Market Project
Drive for Change
The Year 2009....

Globally: state of the global food system reaches awareness tipping point

Agriculturally: Mad cow disease leads to massive changes for the cattle industry

Locally: Mountain pine beetle leads to massive changes in the forestry industry and our forestry communities
Exploring the Heart of Food & Farming
We discovered we knew very little!
Who were the operators?
What kinds of businesses did they run?
What were their relationships in the community?
What were their biggest challenges?
what kind of opportunities did they see for the future?
How can communities become more involved?

Achievements of Phase 1
Created database of local operators
Website built with directory of local farms
Outreach to and mapping of food processing and distribution businesses
Outreach to communities
Some small local purchasing successes
Newsletter and communication centre established
Partnerships with UNBC
Summary Report

Phase 2
New Farm Initiative
Provide training & mentoring opportunities
Highlight unique northern challenges and advantages
Explore way to reduce barriers to farmland access
Agriculture in the Economy
Sustainable landuse
Rural employment
Family businesses
Diversified operations
Food security
Culture and identity
Adaptive and resilient

Competing land values
Changing labour markets
Changing demographics
specialized production
Global food systems
Forgotten farmers
Unprepared for change
46,000 views, +/- 75 views a day
Beef Value Chain
Support ranchers with skills and guidance they need for direct sales
Search for new market opportunities
Assist buyers through local procurement process
Goal 1: Training & Professional Development
Learning topics customized to local needs
Quality facilitation
Regularly scheduled events
cross-regional opportunities
Goal 2: Central Info Network & Customized support
The Big Picture
Two years
36 local training events
10 Fall Fairs + Expos
20+ partner organizations
6 communities
0.4 FTE
$55,000 annual budget
34% of the province's ALR
100's of farms served
What Have We Cut?
Feasibility Studies
Market Development
Lengthy Publications

Library of resources and materials
Representation on important projects and calls for input
Info booths and Fall fairs and Business Expos
Help desk and coaching
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