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Presentation of Nordplus Adult at Nordplus contact seminar

See http://www.nordplusonline.org/eng/Who-can-apply/Nordplus-Adult Designed by Imprezzing Scandinavia.

Malene Vangdrup

on 24 November 2016

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Transcript of Presentation of Nordplus Adult at Nordplus contact seminar

1,1 mio euro per year
application deadline 1st of March and 1st of October
success rate of 35-45%
one application for all activities, partners and countries
The process
Grants for mobility, networks and projects
Networks and Projects
Preparatory visits
preparation and planning of a joint initiative to the forthcoming application deadline
schedule and agenda for the meeting with identified topics and problem areas
project idea and project outline
1-2 meetings of 2-3 days with 1-2 participants per organisation
deadline in October and March

Exchange of teachers and
other pedagogical staff

Exchange of adult learners
and students
educational stays or work placements
individually or in groups
e.g. exchange of groups of adult learners based on an ongoing dialogue and collaboration before, during and after the exchange
multiple exchanges between e.g. 4-5-6 organisations possible

establish networks between organisations
joint theme in terms of a problem, topic or challenge leading to new knowledge
exchange of experience and good praxis
grants for network meetings (travel), dissemination of results etc.

Thematic networks
Development projects
development of new courses, modules, formats, methods, materials etc.
product-oriented - fully developed and accesible
product must be created
contribution to work hours directly related to development work
Denmark: Malene Vangdrup (main administrator), mv@uds.dk
Estonia: Hannelore Juhtsalu, Hannelore.juhtsalu@archimedes.ee
Faroe Islands: Holger Arnbjerg, ask@setur.fo
Finland: Anni Karttunen, anni.karttunen@cimo.fi.
Greenland: Najâraq Egede, najaaraq@napa.gl
Iceland: Sigrídur Vala Vignisdóttir, sigridur.vala.vignisdottir@rannis.is
Latvia: Liene Gailite, liene.gailite@viaa.gov.lv
Lithuania Edita Treciokiene, edita.treciokiene@smpf.lt
Norway: Marit Lødemel, marit.lodemel@siu.no
Sweden: Kerstin Hagblom, kerstin.hagblom@uhr.se
Åland: Åsa Grönlund, asa.gronlund@regeringen.ax
Nordic Council of Ministers invests a total of 9.3 mio. euro per year
Target groups for Nordplus Adult
- all initiatives must clearly explain how they deal with education/learning for the benefit of adult learners!
training courses
self-organised study trips
teaching stays
– or a combination of activities

organised on individual basis – collective study trips to many institutions not applicable
Grants for mobility
Practical issues
good/direct link to programme objectives
based on concrete need and relevant idea

Project objective and contents
clear description of aims, activities and expected results
realistic budget in accordance with planned activities

Organisation and implementation
clear distribution of tasks and responsibilities between the participating parties + plan for communication
clear description of benefits on different levels
Nordic/Baltic added value

dissemination of results and experiences to outside world
plan for evaluation of the process and results

Some good advice
The systems
The sector for
Nordplus Adult
informal and non-formal learning
generating new knowledge/analysis of existing knowledge
descriptions and statistics of specific traditions/ sectors and identification of future needs
platform for practitioners and researchers
general relevance outside the partnership
contribution to work hours directly related to mapping work

Mapping projects
Funding for
Collaboration projects
Nordplus Adult
Funding for M
in Nordplus Adult
Countries in Nordplus
The Nordic countries:
Island, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark

The autonomous regions:

Åland Islands, the Faroe Islands and Greenland as individual countries

The Baltic countries:
Estonia, Latvia og Lithuania
- all parts of adult learning and education
general and vocational adult education
liberal education
Types of actors, who can participate in Nordplus Adult:
Adult educational institutions
Private and public enterprises
Research-based institutions
Associations, organisations and informal learning
arenas, e.g. museums and libraries
Nordplus Adult
objectives 2012-17
Minimum 1 week and maximum 1 year with minimum 2 participating countries

(EUR) for learners and teachers/staff

(EUR) for folk high school students, adult learners/students and teachers/staff
Project management, implementation and dissemination of results
Lump sum per organisation independent of duration, project type and activities

Transnational project meetings
Unit costs for travel and subsistence per participant per meeting

Development work – not for network!
Unit costs per work day per participant
The website
Partner search
See our Handbook.
Guidance and information in English.
Guidelines and requirements

See all guidelines and requirements for
budgetering in Nordplus Adult
1. Choose the country
where you are looking
for a partner
2. Choose the type of activity you want to apply for

3. Choose the type of
institution your are
looking for
4. Choose the programme
you want to apply for
5. Search
If it is the first time you login, you must create a use account
If you have already used Espresso you login here
Choose the programme you wish to apply for and follow the instructions

Go to website
Partner search
Gå til partnersøgning
Applications process
Go to Espresso
This presentation gives you an overview of:
Facts about support for
Facts about support for
Practical tips and guidelines
call for proposals: December 1, 2016
application deadlines: 1st of March and 1st of October 2017
applications in Scandinavian or English (in case of Baltic partners)
signed letters of intent (LOI) from all participating organisations
applications submitted by coordinator through the online application system Espresso
app. 3 months assessment period – app. 1 month for preparatory visit in October
to strengthen adults’ key competences and recognition of adults’ informal and non-formal learning

to support adult education and learning to meet the challenges of modern citizenship

to strengthen the link between adult learning and working life
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