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Gabriel Harris

on 6 January 2015

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Transcript of Co-Learning

What is it?
is a concept that places an emphasis on changing the role of teachers and students from dispensers and receptacles of knowledge to both
"colearning acts toward student centered learning as well as building a more genuine '
community of practice
' through dynamic and participatory engagement for collective construction of knowledge."
Why co-learning?
Web 2.0
With the improvements to Web 2.0, which allows the creation and exchange of user-generated content, information sharing, and social networking is easier than ever
HOw will we use it?
Collaborative partners on the process of sharing, understanding, and creating content and knowledge.
Since taking my first co-learning style class last quarter, I have learned to use the web and its endless available tools more effectively through online and class discussions. A few of my favorite new tools:

- storify
- diigo
- prezi
- hiakudeck
- quip
- slack
My take
One of my main takeaways was learning to
effectively communicate online
. Practicing and learning online communication skills builds your confidence to converse online. It's is really eye opening the information you can through online discourse.
Learning and practicing blogging was unknown to me before last quarters class. I thought of blogging as a personal online journal, but it really can be used for many other purposes such as such as connecting people with the similar interest and sharing curated knowledge. It's another useful skill that relates to
online discourse
- Just try it
- Learn from the strengths of fellow colearners
- Ask obvious questions (somebody has the same question) (reddit example)
- Know the "temperature of the room"- figure out what type of language is being used/ be courteous of others opinions/feelings
- ….start your learning narrative early
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