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Wellness Committee

No description

julie mack

on 9 March 2018

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Transcript of Wellness Committee

The Whole Child Model
Wellness Committee
Annual School Board Report

Presented by Julie Mack
March 8, 2017

What has the WC Accomplished?!
Providing Nutritious Foods
Farm to School
almost 13,000 local Oregon sourced meals served so far this year!
Fresh Fruit and Veggie Program
Lynch Wood Students served a fresh veggie or fruit snack every school day

Increasing PE/PA Opportunities
Centennial's District Wellness Committee
“The Centennial District Wellness Committee is dedicated to supporting and promoting the health and wellness of our diverse community”
-mission statement
Healthy Kids Learn Better
New serving bars at CHS!!!
High School students sized, lights, and staff can serve 300 students in 7 minutes! Students can get a full salad bar with any meal entree!
Parklane has reported a decrease from 344 major referrals last year to 34 this year(probably not all due to a full time PE teacher, but....)
Staff and students are walking and playing together. Staff have reported by just taking a 5 minute Treadmarks break, they get to know students in a whole new way!
CHS weight room has a new floor and you are not as scared to collapse there after a Crossfit class with Officer Erickson!
WOW Employee Wellness
The Employee Wellness Program supports staff with healthy eating, fitness opportunities, and stress management
Lessons Learned
Students bring with them needs beyond our control but we are using wellness to better create academic environments where all students can think, achieve and make a difference in the world.
Provide students with nutritious, tasty food everyday
Provide students with safe places to play
Create safe routes to and from schools
Provide students with caring adults who also have healthy foods and opportunity to play!

Next Steps.....
Continue to share resources, ideas and communications across the district

Health Curriculum for K-6th

Continue to support staff with work/life balance through Admin/Principal supports

Better understanding and skills for working with students experiencing trauma

Continue to support Centennial Staff with all the best possible resources!
Wellness is not another thing to put on our full plates....Wellness is the plate that holds everything else.
Thank you so much for supporting the Wellness Committee
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