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Junior High: Moving On Up!- STUDENTS

presentation for 6th students

Julie Beelman

on 14 February 2018

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Transcript of Junior High: Moving On Up!- STUDENTS

We're excited you are joining us!
Welcome to MJHS!
ACE class to start your day
Staggered bell schedule
4 core classes: math, language arts, science and social studies
2 electives each quarter
Lunch during 5th period
7:15 am - 2:05 pm
What does your day look like?
What will my schedule look like?
Will I eat lunch with my friends?
Where is my locker and what if I forget my locker combination?
Will I be on a team with my friends?
What activities and sports are at MJHS?
How much homework will I have?
Will I make new friends?
Do I have to do a summer reading assignment?
Social Studies:
World History
One Quarter:
Physical Education 7
Art 7
Gateway to Engineering (GTE 7)
Language Exploration 7
Ragtime to Rock 7
Goggle Up! 7
Change-Makers in Society 7
Piano 7
Mind, Body, Wellness 7
Digital Media 7
Reader's Theatre
** NEW!!

Four Quarters:
Band 7

Two Quarters:
Introductory Choir 7
Optional Electives
Builder's Club MAGIC the Gathering
Select Choir Crazy Horse Club
Heart and Sole Yearbook
Math Counts Student Council
Robotics Club Writing Club
Ambassadors Science Olympiad
NJHS Happy Feet Club
Anime Club Board Game Club
Musical Cast & Crew
Club Sports: Tennis, Golf, Color Guard


Cross-Country Football
Volleyball Basketball
Diving Wrestling
Track and Field
Cheerleading (Fall and Winter)
Team Building Activities
Spirit Days
Talent Show
Family Fest
Fun Events!
Team Stores
Popcorn at lunch
Courtyard seats at lunch
PIE (Progress in Education) Awards
Special Team Awards
PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Supports)
Math Connections
Reading Lab
Success Plus
IEP Intervention

**Intervention classes are assigned based
on standardized testing and classroom
Academic Interventions

August 9 & 10

Schedule Pick-Up
Chrome Book Pick-Up

*7th grade
Open House/Meet the Team

August 14
5:30-7:30 pm
Back to School
Check assignments on Schoology Calendar.
Listen in class.
Do your classwork and homework.
Turn your work in on time.
Ask questions if you don't understand.
Be prepared for class.
Have good attendance.
Follow up with teachers if you are absent.
Turn in absent work.
Get enough sleep and eat breakfast.
Bring your Chromebook to school every day.
Tips for Success

Jan 31, Feb 5, 8..... Parent Information Nights

Feb 14..... Registration Forms DUE to Homeroom teacher

May.....6th Grade students will visit the junior high

May 24..... 7th gr. Picnic and Activities Fair (11:30am - 1:00pm)

Aug 8 and 9..... Schedule Pick-Up (Noon-6:00 pm)

Aug 13.... 7th Grade Open House/Meet the Team Night (5:30- 7:30 pm)
Important Dates
MJHS Administrative Team
We are looking forward to a great year in 2018- 2019!
My job is to help you have a better day...

We can talk about anything that concerns you.
Stop by the Counseling Office and sign up to talk!

academics/study skills
high school
schedule changes
social media challenges
junior high stress
What is the role of a counselor?

Homework Club (M-Th)
Teacher Study Sessions

After School Help
You have half a school year still to go. We will use data gathered from your 6th grade year for placement in your classes for 7th grade. Finish strong and knock your AIR tests out of the park!
Physical, Life, Earth Science
Math 7
Honors Math 7 (Pre Algebra)
Honors Integrated Math 1 (cohort)

Math placement is based on standardized test scores, nationally normed assessments, & classroom performance
English Language Arts:
Literature and Composition
ELA 7 and Honors ELA 7

ELA placement is based on standardized test scores, nationally normed assessments and classroom performance.
Summer reading assignment required for all
Honors ELA 7
Change Brings Many Questions...
One-To-One Computers
We are excited about one-to-one computers!

Students will have a Chromebook assigned to them to use throughout the year, at home and at school.
Students will bring their device to MJHS every day!
Students will still use pencils and paper and will do hands-on activities!
Online textbooks for use at home, hard copies used in the classroom
Required Elective
Eagle 101
Principal: Dr. Rob Dunn

7th Grade: 2018-2019
Assistant Principal: Mrs. Malinda McReynolds
Counselor: Ms. Julie Beelman

8th Grade: 2018-2019
Assistant Principal: Mr. Todd Wells
Counselor: Mrs. Chris Cornillie

We are students on the go...
Honors Math 7 Extended
Students taking Honors Math 7 in 7th grade will need to also take a quarter long class to cover additional skills needed before Math I in 8th grade.
Registration Forms
Tips and Reminders:
Sign up for the MOST important electives first
Never sign up for Band or Choir as a last choice (spots 7 and 8 on the list)
Don't forget a signature from your Band instructor for 7th grade Band
Core classes DO NOT go on the request sheet (math, science, ELA, social studies)
Interventions DO NOT go on the request sheet
All students will take Eagle 101 as an elective- DO NOT put on the request sheet
All Honors Math 7 students will take Honors Math 7 Extended as an elective- DO NOT put on the request sheet

Electives Video
Cohort Math Extended
Students in the Cohort Math group will take a required elective in order to support being in Math I in 7th grade.
Social Studies: World History
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