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Developing a Dynamic Classroom

No description

Philippa Vallely

on 5 April 2016

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Transcript of Developing a Dynamic Classroom


A brief look at pedagogy and technology

A look at common tech, specific apps, and using ipads

Practical examples and activities from I-Han Huang, Putney School for Girls

Examples from UCL IOE Teacher Training

Mobile learning activities

NB: all resources are available in the Moodle group: http://moodle.ble.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=157

Two popular ideas in technology and teaching these days are

flipped learning
blended learning

but what do these terms actually mean? And what are the benefits?

Flipped Learning:
Flipped v Traditional
focus is on the type of learning and how it's addressed

Re-thinking what happens when you're with the facilitator

tech instruction is not in class time

New concepts are introduced via video/ online content BEFORE the lesson

Developing a Dynamic Classroom
Philippa Vallely, UCL IOE
Teacher Training Coordinator, Confucius Institute for Schools

Blended learning:

focus is on engaging the learner

tech-based instruction can be in or out of the classroom

Face time is not replaced by online course delivery

More common technology:

youtube, TV/ film/ music videos

voice recording (Audacity etc)

Online classrooms
(Edmodo, Google Classroom etc)

Q. What purposes can they serve in the classroom?

So how do I create a successful blended or flipped learning environment?

Videotelling – storytelling from videos

Idea from Jamie Keddie-
(Youtube: Jamie Keddie Taking Video Apart)

Audio Only
Visual Only
No audio, no visual

Ok, that’s great, but I’d like to work more with ipads and mobile learning…
Ipad pros and cons
Quick and easy set up
Touch sensitive
Internet access
Video camera
Still camera
Audio recorder
A range of Apps - free or inexpensive

Practice with touch sensitive interface
Need external keyboard to type at length
Dealing with files (cloud solutions can be complex for class activities)
Managing apps and devices

Online Post-it notes: Padlet http://padlet.com

Mind Mapping
Talking Tom
Comic Life
Book Creator
Putting learning in the hands of learners
Examples from the sessions: Working with book creator:
Examples from the sessions: Working with imovie:
Blended and Flipped learning-

The Basics of Blended Learning:
In 2 minutes and 38 seconds:
Making it work in Your Classroom: *****

Overcoming Common Hurdles: *****
Is Flipping for Everyone?:
Rethinking Space and Time:
Differences between blended and flipped learning:
*video removed due to privacy issues*
Pages from a student's Ebook
Teacher is able to comment and return to student to change (see green)
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