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Performance Testing Opportunities

No description

Nick Singh

on 8 August 2014

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Transcript of Performance Testing Opportunities

Architect and Orchestrate
Establish strong leadership and technical capabilities to lead, direct and orchestrate the correct model for off shoring that supports the methodology and framework.
Offshore those activities that can be managed effectively from each of the main stages of the test process (Plan, Build, Execute, Analyse and Report ).
Planning ? Stakeholder Engagement, Scoping, Workload and Usage Profiling, Approach,
Tooling, Data, Environment planning to be done onshore.
Scripting, simulator builds, automation of effort, monitors and metric collection setup and execution runs can be done offshore, with correct specifications.
Results review, troubleshooting, root cause analysis, defect ownership and resolution to be done onshore due to collaboration of efforts.
Reporting can be done offshore with onshore review and communication to stakeholders.
Ensure the leaders directing the activities demonstrate knowledge in the domain and have experience in being a successful executor in their past. Non technical management not an option in this domain.

Governance and Best practise
Standarise and Unify delivery
Audit and Peer Reviews, Validate and Verify - have the right things been tested and has it been tested right
Template everything, plans, results, scripts, monitors and analysis
Document where possible, code, scripts - even it is a readme.txt
Naming Conventions , documents, folders, code - Hungarian Notation, transaction timers
Checklist pre-execution, post-execution
Folder structures
reuse, reuse, reuse, improve, reuse, reuse, improve
Version control scripts, test cases, utilities
Requirements coverage and traceability, report out of ALM or test management tool
dashboards, management visibility and status reporting
1 page Executive Summaries
What objective was
What was achieved
What the results were
Risks and Recommendations
Educate the customer on best practise
Drive Innovation
Huge gaps in thought leadership
Know and recommend the tool set (utility tool belts) -Ruby , Python, Perl, BAT, Shell, RE, NodeJS, JMeter, Plug-ins, R, Fiddler, LAMP, WAMP, Grinder, WinMerge, WinSCP, mRemoteNg, SoapUI, SOASTA, AutoIT, UFT, Selenium, Cucumber, Jenkins, Bamboo, Dashing, Shiny, Ruby on Rails, Django,
APM tools, New Relic, Splunk, Dynatrace, AppDynamics, CA Wiley
Cloud load tools Blazemeter, LoadIO, Bees With Machine Guns, Neotsys, StormRunner, BrowserMob, FloodIO
CPU, Memory soakers, Data and SQL Injection Pumpers, Gateway emulators, Mobile platform support, Loadrunner accelerators, data pooling techniques, correlation parsers and more
Drive when to use a tool set eg. URL bashing with BWMG and/or Grinder or testing early by stubbing services with tools such as NodeJS
Best combination is commercial tool sets with open source plug ins - some big players now enabling open source plug ins
Automate, Simplify and Improve

Performance Testing Opportunities in the Current Market

Nick Singh - JK Vine Consulting

Current Market
agile/early testing
rapid delivery/cheap/cloud
cheaper, faster, better
Issues Offshore
time differences
churn rate
low experience, depth of knowledge
remote delivery
upper managment simplified view
managed services MSP
In Summary
Opportunity Abounds
Ensure you are suitably skilled with the tool sets available
Stay up to date with the new APM and cloud based tools
Research the growth and opportunity areas and be prepared
Innovation is the key growth area
Continue to learn and develop

Future ??? - Inhouse Dev and Test

Questions - Answers? Stay in contact


1971 UK to Melbourne Australia
1981 Melbourne IT , Inhouse
1982 TCP/IP protocol
1984 ANZ Performance Test, Inhouse PBEAR
1990 NAB EFTPOS Inhouse
1994 Yahoo
1997 Backrub and start of Google
1997 Outsourcing
1997 Start of dot com bubble
1998 Contracting
1999 Y2K
2000 dot com bubble burst
2001 GE Money Offshoring, PT onshore
2006 Cloud Infrastructure
2007 GFC
2007 2009 US Recession
2012 Cloud AutoScaling
2012 Manufacturing & Retail slump
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