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Advanced Benefit Design Institute

Who we are - What we do.

Dean Hettesheimer

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Advanced Benefit Design Institute

Your benefits delivery is complicated, too many websites, logins and passwords. Benefits contact information is hard to find for your members. Benefit information is not clear to all of your covered persons and they have to rely on HR.
The healthcare needs of your members are increasing. Your wellness plan effectiveness is unknown. Worker's Comp costs are rising and there isn't much you can do as the risk really isn't environment. On top of everything else, Obamacare compliance is driving you crazy.

Who We Are
What We Do
Who We Work With
Wellness Vendors
Third Party Administrators
Analytic s Providers
Forward Thinking Brokers & Consultants
We fix healthcare benefit delivery:

Engage 100% of your employees and dependent spouses
Reduce healthcare need
Slow disease progression
Solve for medical illiteracy, better education
Identify 100% of your healthcare need risk, even the risk that is un-diagnosed and in a pre-disease state

We simplify benefits delivery; supercharge wellness and disease management; Improving "State of Health" for all members.

We are a group of entrepreneurs, from across the Nation and experts in all aspects of the healthcare delivery system. Our strategies and technology fix the healthcare delivery system for you. Strategies custom crafted to your employee's benefits needs. Our strategy is not to quote and shift benefit cost. That strategy is futile and increases healthcare cost over the long term. We are pro-active and do not endorse the "wait" strategy.

Better Care, Better Health and Lower Cost

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