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Learning Environment Survery 2016

No description

Kerry Knight

on 16 December 2016

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Transcript of Learning Environment Survery 2016

Burnbrae Nursery
Learning Environment Survey Feedback 2016

Indoor Area
Are you aware of the following indoor areas?
Indoor Area
The Outside Area
A selection of your comments:
Displays should be purposeful, updated regularly and link to learning.
I feel the noise level within the room is very high especially when it is full.
Seems quite crowded and a bit chaotic at times, esp at drop off & collection.
I feel that the resources need updated.
There has been a big improvement on the indoor area, everyone is working hard to develop the area.
I feel the staff are caught between a rock and a hard place as they need to provide a range of play stations but the area of the room feels cramped, especially on a bad weather day AND all the children are in attendance. Kids are falling over each other.
It is nice to come in the main nursery door and read all the things that's going on , pinned to the wall.
I would love to see more natural and cosy quality environment areas with more choices of resources in baskets for children to choose or select. There are a lot of areas on offer which is great would love to see them more cosy.
A much better layout now as one room with one drop/collection door.
In November 2016 we invited Nursery Families, Staff and Visitors to complete an online survey to gather feedback on our learning environment. A total of 48 people responded.

A Selection of your Comments:
No small and cosy areas for quiet times, Story corner is very open not cosy. Need new rug and pillows. Update house area and get rid of plastic things.
Still working on developing some of these areas
Would like to create more cosier areas within the nursery . New furniture for the home corner would be lovely . A cosier story corner with comfy chair / settee for children to enjoy looking at books and listening to stories with their peers or a 1-1 with the adult .
I am aware of there being a lot of areas would find it hard to comment exactly what is there.
I think all of these areas could be improved. Long way to go.
Would be good to have some computers for them to get used to. Know there's the smart board but once in school there will be computers to use as part of day to day teaching. Most homes probably have tablets/laptops but developing skills on an actual computer would be useful. Monitored closely as very against too much screen time but also see value in developing skills.
Stepping back and thinking about it I feel that perhaps some of the areas are over-resourced. It's important for the children to have choice but perhaps over resourcing leads to a lack of focus?

A Selection of your Comments:
The Big Dig was a huge success and hopefully the first of many events where the wider community can be involved in Nursery life.
Great re vamp to the garden recently.
Garden is looking brilliant!
Outside area is coming along . It was great to have parents , children , staff and friends supporting the Saturday dig recently . Children are enjoying exploring the new additions to the garden . A work in progress .
I really enjoy seeing an outdoor nursery where some of the indoor is repeated outdoor to allow the children who prefer outdoors to still have opportunities for drawing, painting etc.
Great improvements being made. Lots of exciting outdoor areas.
Outdoor area is a great space providing some fab opportunities for the children. My only thing is that I feel sometimes it could do with a litter pick to tidy up the boundaries round the fence.
Love the improved outdoor area.
I think the outside space we have is wonderful. I love the fact that we operate an open door policy and the children have the option to be outside in all weathers. I believe that all areas of the curriculum can be integrated into outdoor play.

Indoor Area
A Selection of your Comments:

The Nursery should have a planning wall where families can contribute to planning and find out what children are learning.
Children struggling to hang jackets and pegs quite high and small.
I've noticed a sign stating what they had for that day but haven't noticed a weekly snack list. Whilst there is just enough space to hang coats etc.
Space for jackets, bags etc is too little, but nothing you can do about that! It's a space issue, not a management issue!!
I think the entrance could be more welcoming and better places to provide information to parents. snack menus are always displayed but do parents know it is there?
I haven't seen any information regarding care inspectorate. I also haven't seen anything re planning however that is not to say that both of these aren't displayed clearly, I may have just missed this.
Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?

A clearer understanding of what the children are learning would be beneficial
My little one started Burnbrae in Aug and I can say he is settled really well thanks to the teachers, they never tire of the kids and as a parent I feel supported.
Communication can be lacking and it would be good for more information being passed to parents.
Really happy with Burnbrae nursery. Lots of opportunity for play and learning. New staff all seem lovely and are gradually becoming more familiar.
No concerns at all, this is a lovely nursery, kind friendly & welcoming staff even with the recent changes.
The Nursery team will complete an action plan in response to your feedback.

A full copy of all the comments from this survey can be read in Nursery. Progress and next steps will be displayed in our self-assessment folder. Families and Staff are always welcome to contribute to our feedback.

Thank you to everyone who took time to complete the survey.
What happens next?
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