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Greeting / First Five Minutes

No description

Levi Reed

on 9 April 2018

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Transcript of Greeting / First Five Minutes

Greeting / First Five Minutes
It's important to greet each and every single student to make them feel like a part of the classroom community, so standing outside the door would be an effective way to encourage community and punctuality.
Bell Work would consist mostly of a short five minute long activity and will be review for the previous day's lesson. Political cartoon analysis/questions are a good idea.
Attendance/ Seating
There will be a seating chart where I can take attendance easily from.
I would rather students sit in groups of 4-6 than in a traditional block position. I will have the power to switch student's seating as I see fit.
These groups will be the default for group projects and classwork assignments so I can assure optimum productivity.
Passing out materials will be streamlined since there will only be 4-5 groups but one student will be responsible for grabbing material for their group instead of a frenzy.
Most daily work will be consolidated into a notebook. They will be graded by punctuality, neatness, and completeness. I will grade 3-5 pages in depth at the end of every unit.
For every day (excused) absent, students will have one day to complete the work due.
Hall Pass
Students will not be allowed to use their hall pass during the first or last ten minute of class, with the exception of emergencies.
Classroom Management Plan
Levi Reed
Cell Phones
No cell phone use during class.
Cell phones will be taken by me without warning and given back at the end of class unless they continue to be an ongoing issue. Chromebooks will hopefully be available to cure technology addiction.
End of Class Procedures
Entire class will not be permitted to leave unless the entire classroom is returned to the same way before it started.
Frequent exit tickets that tie lessons to real life or current events.
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