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Tatyana Mills

on 1 June 2016

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Serious problem in Track: Cheating
Titles and medals get taken away
Go to jail
Get fined
Yes, the feeling of wanting to be on top can push anybody cheat.
Are there valid reasons for these action and what can stop it?
No, because being able to practice and see your progress over time is very exciting. At times when you don't always get the results you want it can be frustrating but I rather know that I worked hard than to just cheat and be number one
How ever I do understand why people cheat and I can sympathize with their foolish decision. Not everybody has the same mind set and goals.
As an athlete would I do steroids?
Usain Bolt
Shelly-ann Fraser-Pryce
Sanya Richards-Ross
Allyson Felix
There are successful athletes that's not on drugs:
Cheating is never good and it's never good to lie to the people who supports you. I also believe that you shouldn't join a sport if your going to cheat.
Track and field is athletic events that takes place on a running track and a nearby field. This sport is about running, jumping and throwing, each time you should get better as you go
Seeing how competetive this sport is, cheating is obviously a factor
All ages cheat, mostly the older generation cheat because their body isn't as fresh as it was when they were younger.
Main way of cheating is taking illegal substances, aka steriods.
What is track and field?
The rules of college athletes and professional athletes are similar but not exactly the same
U.S Anti-Doping Agency and World Anti-Doping Agency are the testing organization that is used to test and carry out the rules of not cheating
Two athletes that got caught cheating were:
Marion Jones
Benjamin Johnson
Ways we can stop this from happening is becoming way more strict with how they enforce the rules
more unscheduled drug tests
sue them for lying
return all items provided by sponsor
Marion jones confession
By: Tatyana Mills
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