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Road to ...

No description

Natali Izagirre

on 21 May 2016

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Transcript of Road to ...

Who am I?

Basque country, Spain.

I love children.

Music is everything to me.

I like playing sports and dancing.

Making art and crafts and baking is great!

I love traveling.
Open minded.
Hard working.
Host parents names
Doing everything you ask for.
Taking care of the kids as if they were mine.
Driving safely every day.
Being always respectful towards you.
Helping with anything you need.
Telling every doubt or problem I have.
Never to lie.
Kids names
Playing with you every day.
Learning new games.
Having fun together.
Cooking great food for you.
Singing, dancing and playing instruments with you.
Teaching you a little bit of Spanish and Basque.
Trying my best to make you happy.
Current au pair name
Helping with anything you need.
Having fun together.
Being there in your best and worst moments.
Doing movie nights!
Being the best colleague.
Choose me!
I promise doing all that and more.

You really won't regret to choose me as your au pair.

I would love to join your beautiful family.

Hope to see you soon!
Road to (town name)
Country name
Parents: names
Brother: name an age

We love travelling and
doing different plans.

I think we are similar!
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