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NPS Communication CITE for 2016-17

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lisa retallack

on 5 May 2017

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Transcript of NPS Communication CITE for 2016-17

New Websites : Centerpiece of Connection
Going Paperless. Going Green.
Overview of District Communication Plan
Nyack Public Schools
Communication CITE for 2016-17

CITE: Connect Integrate Tell Engage
What's all the buzz about social media?
Homepage Features:
Superintendent's Page
New Directories
BOE - Navigation Bar
Initiatives Showcase
Community Matters
News Worthy
Video Ensemble
Language Button
Social Media ready
In the News
Our Schools
Improved 2-way Communication
Community Outreach Emphasis
Celebrating Daily Victories
Branding of our District
New Logo
NPS Community Forums
Going Paperless
Welcome Project
Cultural Competence
Community Priorities Survey
Database Update Campaign
Training & Support
Building Bridges for today's students to cross into tomorrow's world with Equity, Innovation & Optimism
"CITE" on communication:
Incorporating Core Elements of Education
Coordinated Management
Program Oversight
Key Communicator Roster
Cite Definition:
to make reference to; mention; quote; commend or praise; summon or call in an official matter
Mission & Vision
Trust Equity
Collaborative Initiatives with Community
Next Steps... Entre into Social Media?
Considerations for Social Media Use by Nyack School District:
Keeping Parents Connected
to their child's education
"The basic building block of
good communication is the
feeling that every human being
is unique and of value"
assist the Superintendent in PR, community outreach & communications

create & execute a Strategic Communications and PR Plan for NPS

promote District vision

strengthen school-to-home connections

keep community informed, engaged
and invested

Developing a Strategic Communications Plan

Ensuring PR role is outlined, relevant, sustained and aligned with District goals

Incorporating NSPRA best practices

Launched and managing District site and 5 school sites

Integrating technology and new software

Coordinating management of all sites

Developed Community Forum Venue
highlighting innovation and programs &
Community Priorities Survey results

Increased awareness for cultural proficiency
Undoing Racism initiative, promoting a welcoming atmosphere, supporting PD

Branding renewed vision with new Logo

Promoting Core Elements of Education; Celebrating Daily Victories
Communication as Active Listening
Equity, Innovation, Optimism to today and the future
New Staff Orientation
Sept. 2014
Sept. 2016
PR Mission:
Committed to providing timely, accessible information to the public

Boosting school-to-home connections for all families

Encouraging authentic dialogue that invites community input

Listening for innovative ways to optimize outreach & engage our community

Proudly promoting daily success stories featuring educational experiences, events and opportunities
active users via email
Community Orgs/
123,793 sends

50,108 unique opens

unique clicks
Saved about
40 trees
Total papers saved:
from Sept 2016 - Jan. 2017:
Dialogues received from
152 people
14 interest areas
since its launch in Sept. 2014
Average feedback score is
out of 10

Interest areas:
HS 29%, Central Admin 20%, MS 12%,State Testing 5%, Breathalyzer 2%
Trending Tags:
Class Rank, Student, Public Info, Technology

Average age of dialogue:
3 days

of submissions are from parents with

features in local papers: Lohud, Rockland Times, NNAV since website launch
District Site "News Worthy" blog
Spotlight on Core Elements of Education
Media Mondays for 5 school features
Press Relationships & HUDSPRA
- Database inventory & Quick tips for navigation of new websites
- Parent Portal campaign
April thru June
- Outreach to families
Summer Mailings - mostly green
2017/18 = Paperless Report Cards
Did you know?
Facebook has1.5 billion monthly users; adds 1/2 million users every day
79% of all media time is spent on mobile devices
Over 75% of all internet users use social media
Instagram is the fastest growing sm network and favored by youth; Kik, Snapchat, Whatsapp
YouTube has a billion users per month and has greater reach than any cable network
There are 2.3 billion active social media users in world (world population July15 7.3 billion
1 million new active social users are added every day
Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp handle 60 billion message per day
Just under 60% of HS households have PP accts
About 61% of MS households have PP accounts

Parents/Guardians of elementary students will be invited to activate a PP account in Spring of 2017

Infinite Campus is now used for emergency and weather-related messaging

Texts, emails & voice in English, Spanish & Creole
The Focus:
is used by more adults over 30
Good for blogging
Photos & videos for showcasing
Platform for telling our own stories
Large audience from parents and community stake holders

is used for shorter, faster messaging
average of 120 characters used per tweet; not more than 140
Good for daily positive tweets
usually for big news or trending topics with hashtags
Announcements, Brags and Interesting stats

Neither is the preferred or used as often by youth

Both need constant attention, vetting of info, daily postings

is the real work
of leadership"

-Nitin Noria
How Social Media Can Be a Positive Tool in School
Nearly 2/3 of Americans own smart phones, which are their primary entry into the online world.
Low income households and levels of education attainment are more smart-phone dependent.
1. Critical first step -
BOE to develop a policy and clear set of guidelines for social media use
2. Work with legal counsel to ensure we make necessary legal preparations and understand responsibilities
3. Establish a team, with PR office, to plan and clarify:
workflow, process & protocol
who will be vetting, approving, submitting social media materials to the PR office
how often will postings be expected
Let's Talk response templates, privacy & security settings
What are other Rockland County Districts are using?
Clarkstown & Nanuet - FB, Twitter
S. Orangetown - FB
BOCES Rockland - FB, Twitter, Instagram
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