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Frameworks Annual Report: 2015

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macenzie meggison

on 21 December 2015

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Transcript of Frameworks Annual Report: 2015

2014 Impact Report
Middle School Programming
Teens In Action
Make a contribution to support emotional intelligence in our community,
High School Programming
Middle school students are transitioning from childhood to adolescence, this transition can be a confusing time and can have effects on their emotions and behaviors. This phase is marked by the onset of puberty, which usually makes teens unpredictable and moody. During adolescence teens are discovering out who they are and how they fit into society. You may notice adolescents acting in ways you have never seen before, this is merely their process of identifying who they are as an individual and where/how they fit into the “bigger picture.” They also tend to pull away from their parents and begin to care more about gaining acceptance from their peers.

During this tumultuous time it is important for teens to learn skills that will help them in their self­-discovery process and their social interactions so they can be successful. Durlake, Weissberg, et al. (2011) conducted a meta­analysis of 213 studies of social and emotional learning (SEL) in schools. Their report shows that students who receive quality SEL programming demonstrated:

b​etter academic performance
i​mproved attitudes and behaviors
f​ewer-negative behaviors
r​educed emotional distress
To teach youth to manage their emotions, develop healthy relationships, and make good decisions for academic, career, and personal success.
Elementary students are still developing foundational emotional and cognitive abilities and are not as prepared to navigate social and emotional stress in their environments. Just as you would practice swimming in safe, shallow water long before diving into the ocean, children need a safe and supportive environment in which they can learn, develop, and practice social, emotional, and cognitive skills.
Elementary School Programming
Why Do Middle School Students Need Social & Emotional Learning
Why Do Elementary Students Need Social & Emotional Learning?
“The TIA retreat was insightful and the bonding was awesome since this will be a community of growth, and trust must be had to openly grow”
-Teens In Action Member
THANK YOU to our generous donors
Great American Teach-In
Great American Teach In
Our 2014-2015 Financials
Head and Heart Awards Luncheon
Quick Fact:
A Washington State Institute for Public Policy report from July 2015, shows that the PATHS program yields a benefit-cost ratio of $15.66 for each dollar invested, and provides long-term results! These economic benefits are due to reduced crime victimization, higher earnings due to improved academic achievement, and the benefits from private or employer-paid health insurance.
Promoting Alternative THinking Strategies (PATHS®)
Students served by
in 2014-15 = 978

School and Community Partners
Metro Ministries Partnership School
Tampa Housing Authority
Sulphur Springs YMCA
Sulphur Springs Elementary School
Children experience the integration between their affect (emotions), cognition (thinking), and behavior (actions) during the elementary years, but they need support to optimize their development. Adults must model and reinforce healthy emotional expression, perspective-­taking, and problem-­solving among other social and emotional skills, all while providing opportunities for children to apply these skills.
Quick Fact:
According to a recent report on the economic benefit of evidence-based prevention programs, the Botvin LifeSkills Training (LST) program produced a $50 benefit for every $1 invested in terms of reduced corrections costs, welfare and social services burden, drug and mental health treatment; and increased employment and tax revenue. LST had the highest return on investment of all substance abuse prevention curricula studied. The analysis of the return on investment of LST and other evidence-based prevention programs is part of a series of reports prepared by researchers at the Washington State Institute for Public Policy.
Training (LST) program is the social and emotional learning program that Frameworks uses with middle school students. LifeSkills® Training provides students with the confidence and skills necessary to handle challenging situations. LifeSkills® Training helps students to develop a greater self-esteem and self-confidence and enables students to effectively cope with anxiety. LifeSkills® Training enhances cognitive and behavioral competency to reduce and prevent a variety of health risk behaviors and teaches students the necessary skills to resist social (peer) pressure. Students who are better able to regulate their emotions, manage their behavior and have positive relationships with others are better able to participate in and benefit from classroom instruction.
LifeSkills® Training
Students served by LST in 2014-15 = 2773
Hillsborough County STEP program
Powerstories/Girlstories Theatre
Tomlin Middle School
Adams Middle School
Van Buren Middle School
Jennings Middle School
Academy Prep
Our Mission
A Note from Our Leadership
The School-Connect® (SC) Curriculum is a research based high school social and emotional curriculum built on the five social and emotional competencies of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.

The goals of the School-Connect ® Curriculum are to develop social and emotional skills in students and guide them in applying them in school life, academics, in the community, and at home and to create a supportive learning community that helps students “connect” to school and achieve academically.

We use the School-Connect® Curriculum to build our social and emotional programs for the high school youth we serve.
Students served by School-Connect in 2014-15 = 83
School and Community Partners
Blake High School
Starting Right, Now
The Great American Teach-In is an annual event that encourages employees, businesses, community leaders, sports figures, local personalities, retirees, community volunteers, and parents to become involved in education by sharing what they know with a new generation.
Students served by Great American Teach In in 2014-15:
84 elementary students,
155 middle school students
115 high school students
School and Community Partners:
Mabry Elementary School
Sulphur Springs Elementary School
Metropolitan Ministries Elementary School
Adams Middle School
Van Buren Middle School
Tomlin Middle School
Blake High School.
Our 5th annual Head and Heart Awards luncheon, held on April 23, 2015 raised more than $160,000 to fund our summer and 2015-2016 school year youth programming. We were thrilled to have Shane J. Lopez, Ph.D., as our keynote speaker. Shane is the world’s leading researcher on hope; his mission is to help people of all ages exercise some control over what their future can become and teach them how to aim for the future they want in school, work, and life.
The Head and Heart Awards honor individuals and/or organizations that recognize the importance of social and emotional learning (SEL) to life, academic and organizational success. In addition, they are committed to the promotion, advancement and modeling of the SEL framework which includes high self-awareness, social-awareness, emotion management, empathy for others, responsible and ethical decision-making, strong communication and conflict resolution capabilities, and civic engagement to help others in our global and local communities.

Julie Scardino - Principal, Sulphur Springs Elementary

Chrissy Dos Santos - Frameworks Teens In Actions Leader

Alyssa Garcia - Frameworks Teens In Action Member

Head and Heart Award Recipients
Board of Directors
Board Chair
Dr. Linda Devine
The University of Tampa

Vice Chair
Jennifer Garcia
Johnson &Johnson

Immediate Past Chair
Carolyn Bricklemyer
Retired, Hillsborough County School Board

Alison Fraga
Positive Coaching Alliance

Kathy James
Kelly Oliva
Florida Holocaust Museum
Lisa Brock
Brock Communications
Melanie Griffin
, Dean Mead
Joyce Burick Swarzman
Corbett Independent Day School
Sheldon Busansky
Elizabeth Fowler
Triad Foundation, Inc.
Yvonne Fry
Lines of Communication
Michele Mester
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Julie Cole
School Source Inc.
Gwen Luney
, Retired,
Hillsborough County School District
Paul Whiting, Jr
AGW Capital Advisors
Sandro Aristil
Jenny Jones
, I. C. System
Monica Canale
, Monica Canale and Co.
Laurel Fredlake
, President of Tampa Prep BOT
Susan Peloubet
Director Emeritus
The purpose of Teens in Action, a 10 month coed positive youth social and emotional development and civic engagement leadership program, is to develop strong emotional intelligence in high school youth through the teaching of the social and emotional concepts and skills to help ensure success in all aspects of their lives, both as youth and adults. The mission of Teens in Action is to inspire young people to use SEL skills to genuinely identify with their community needs and empower them to make a meaningful difference.
Teens In Action
Number of community members served by TIA students in 2014-15
- 40 elderly residents at The Adams House
- 35 elementary age students at Cornerstone Kids After School program
- 48 elementary age students at Metropolitan Ministries After School program
- Teachers at over 140 Hillsborough County Title 1 Schools
- 8 students served on over 52 Juvenile court cases
- Educated 100+ participants at the annual Teen Forum against Domestic Violence with The Spring of Tampa Bay.
School and Community Partners

American Red Cross
The Adams House
Cornerstone Kids
Hillsborough Education Foundation
Metropolitan Ministries
Teen Court
The Spring of Tampa Bay
Make a Difference Day (Alpha House of South Tampa and Samaritan’s Feet)
Strides for Education 5K

Quick Facts

The 2014-15 class accumulated over 4,000 hours of meaningful volunteer work, equating to over $128K of collective economic impact to the Tampa community.
The community has recognized these contributions with several honors, including:

-2014 NCAA Community Service Champion award
- TIA student leader, Christiane Dos Santos, selected as the WEDU Be More Inspiring award recipient.
- Nominated for the 2015 Earl A. Jeter Volunteer of the Year Award!
In 2014-15, we had 58 students from 15 high schools participate in TIA.

“I am so proud of the Teens in Action volunteers who interact with the children in our Cornerstone Kids, Inc. program each week. They are very organized, easy to work with, and dependable. The teens truly accept their responsibility to the program by sharing valuable information with the children week after week. This is a wonderful opportunity for the teens to learn about the missions of non-profit organizations like Cornerstone Kids, Inc. and it also gives them the opportunity to provide a worthwhile service to the community.”
–Olatha Leggett, Director, Cornerstone Kids and TIA Community Partner

This organization has really become something that I have become passionate about. It has introduced me to a life of service, something that I will continue for the rest of my life. Teens In Action has also helped me to become an active leader in my daily life. The lessons I have learned here will stay with me as long as I live.
”-Haleigh Feix, TIA Leader
TIA Testimonials
PATHS® is an evidence-based violence prevention program that gives children in grades K-6 the skills they need to promote social and emotional development and find positive, nonviolent solutions to social problems. The PATHS® program focuses on teaching children how to express emotions, control their emotions as appropriate, develop effective conflict-resolution strategies, and increase social competency.
Middle School Student Testimonials

That it is easy to find the good in others and receiving them really helps to see how people perceive you and it makes you feel

“I gave someone a compliment and it make them feel better.”

I just learned that even the littlest compliments can make you feel good. They’re important because everyone has to feel special.”

“Someone said I was pretty and that made me feel good. Every time I look in the mirror I hear them say it.”

What have you learned from receiving and giving compliments?
“It made me think about how feelings matter.”

“I have more respect for students because they have a lot more respect for me.”
How did SEL change your outlook on how to behave with other students?
“Community Building Sessions made me realize that to make people nice, you have to act nice.”
FY 2014-2015
Triad Foundation

Conn Memorial Foundation
The Spurlino Foundation

Anonymous Donor
Bretta Arthur Sullivan
Florida Medical Clinic Foundation of Caring
Suncoast Credit Union
SunTrust Foundation
Verizon Foundation

Brock Communications
Linda, Elaine, Jesse, and David Devine
Tampa Bay Economic Development Corporation
The McNeel Family Charitable Fund

Children's Board of Hillsborough County
Couch Family Foundation
David and Julie Cole
Dr. Joyce Burick Swarzman
Gannett Foundation
Gregg and CJ Smith
Jennifer and Nick Garcia
John and Kim Kirtley
Keith and Carolyn Bricklemyer
Kelly and Angel Oliva, Jr.
Lisa and Brett Couch
Paul and Dana Whiting, Jr.
Paul and Gail Whiting, Sr.
Shannon and Tony DiBenedetto
SunTrust Bank
Tampa Bay Times Fund, Inc.
TD Charitable Foundation
The Lowry Murphey Family Foundation
Our FY 2014-2015 Donors
2012 Tampa Bay Host Committee
Bob and Cathy Smith
Bruce and Cindy Tigert
C.R. Bard Foundation
Celia and Jim Ferman
ChappellRoberts, Inc.
Dean Mead Law Firm
Don and Cheryl Smith
Elizabeth and Troy Fowler
floridacentral Credit Union
Frank and Tricia Hancock
Gobioff Foundation
HCMA Foundation Inc.
Hillsborough Community College
James H. and Amy G. Shimberg Foundation
Jessica Muroff
Kathy James
Lightning Foundation
Luanne Panacek
Luis R. Visot
Mary Ann Hamilton
McDonald's Caspers Company
Melanie and Mike Griffin
Michele J. Mester, LMHC, PA
Phillip and Kimberly Dingle
Professional Philanthropy Network (PPN)
Sarah and David Hull
Social Venture Partners Tampa Bay Fund
Terrell and Joe Clark
The Manny & Ruthy Cohen Foundation
The University of Tampa
Thomas Wallace
Yvonne Fry
Anne-Marie Ayers, CBRE and Velen Thompson, Merrill Lynch
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Barbara and Les Ryals
BCBS Embrace Mini-Grants
Best Line Oil Company, Inc.
Bricklemyer Law Group
Claudia Knowles
Craig Urquhart
Debbie and Sam Lazzara
Diane TeStrake
Fifth Third Bank
Gwendolyn Luney
Hillsborough Education Foundation
Hunt and Molly James Family Foundation
Jesse Vance
Kelley and Robert Merck
Laura and Preston Farrior
Martin Garcia
Masatoshi Mochizuki
Michael White
Monica Canale
Natalie and Steve Raney
Roz and Jeff Bak
Sheldon Busansky
Stephen and Janice Straske
The Bank of Tampa
USF Women in Leadership & Philanthropy
Al and Josephine Dato
Alexander Busansky
Alison Fraga
Arnie Hernandez
Barbara and Steve Shepard
Brian Swanick
Carolyn Vaughan
Charles and Barbara Widger
David Maddux
Dick and Gail Crosby
Ellaine Newell
Gregory and Karen Montana
Gwen and Todd Lindsey
James Freyvogel
Jan and Craig Sher
Janeche Petrou
Janice Law
Jay Schrader, LMHC
Jennifer Brenner
Jennifer Murphy
Jenny Slattery
Jeremy Campbell
Jim Themides
Jon and Pat Pawelkop
Karen and Don Smith
Kathy and Bob Lewis
Kenya Reddy
Kevin Marshall
Liana Fox
Liz Kennedy
MaryLou Whaley
Merrell Dickey
Michele and Phil Heitlinger
Michelle Shimberg
Pam Iorio
Perry Van Der Beck
Real Building Consultants, LLC
Reina Garcia
Ricardo and Jayne Cabigas
Sandro Aristil
Sarah and Scott Stichter
Sonny and Lisa Sanders
The Erb Family
Amy and Ted Tamargo
Andrea Zelman
Angela Lusk
Ann Shaler
Ann Sheppard
Applied Image Group
Arcturus Creative
Arie Fry
Barbara Leach Law, PL
Barbara Zant
Barie Fry
Bemetra Simmons
Beth A. Doyle
Betty Tillis
Bevan and Stuart Rogel
Beverly Wickson
Bridgette and Ed Summers
Carter and Dana Andersen
Cathy Valdes
Chris and Amy Ingram
Chris and Nicole Mantzanas
Christine Derr
Christine Phillips
Christy Purdy
Clay Lindsey
Dan and Ellen Hockett
Dan Jurman
Daniel and Joan Rutenberg
David and Kimberly Schmidt
David and Sarah Bonnema
David and Victoria Malizia
David Harris
Dax and Meghan Nelson
Dolly Roberts
Donna Cozart
Dr. Kathleen Griffin
Edward Busansky
Elizabeth L. Hapner
Elizabeth Pento
Ellen Nastir
Erik Fruland

Naazneen Pal
Nancy & Jack West
Nancy Vaughn
Nancy Vuic
Nikki Earnest
Owen LaFave
Paul Huszar
Paula Meckley
Phara McLachlan
Rebecca Busansky
Rick and Dianna Lott
Rob Henning and Brooke Soileau-Henning
Robert McKay
Ronald Christaldi
Rose Lee Garcia
Sally Harris
Sandra Seeger
Sarane Harrell
Scott and Michele Shapiro
Sheff Crowder
Sid Losh
Stephanie Andrews
Stephen Koch
Stephen McKeithen
Steve and Micky Stagg
Susan and Ira Guttentag
Susie Cano
Susie Kuhn
Suzanne Luecke
Tejal Patel
Teresa Miller
The Goding Family
The Kwak Family
The Wagner Family
Tim and Sharon Ford
Tim Marks
Tracey Bustamante
Valerie Siegman
Vicki Sokolik
William and Mary Britain
William F. Poe Foundation
Yomari Rodriguez-Rajput
Farrukh Quraishi
Frank Capitano
Frank Dame
Frank J. Rief, III
George, Lori and Kristina Powell
Gordon E. Myhre
Gwen Connery
James and Amy Macchiarola
Jamie Klingman
Jay and Ronna Kennedy
Jeff Eakins
Jeffrey and Brandy Fishman
Jennifer Russell
Jenny Carey
Jillian Glass, MD
Jody Conway
John and Debbie Madiedo
John Roy
Julien BriseBois
Katherine O'Donniley
Katie Scanlan
Kevin and Peggy Howell
Kristin Greco
Lara White
Laura Seberg
Lee and Ellen Vaughan
Lee Ralph
Liana Lopez
Lindsey and Jim Robbins
Lisa and James Thomas
Lisa Yacso
Mandelyn Cloninger
Marcia Gilbert
Maria Aranda, Ph.D.
Martial Arts America
Michele Norris
Mindy Murphy
Molly Nardella
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Polaszek
Mr. and Mrs. Spofford
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Szabo, III
My Paper Pusher, LLC
Aakash Patel
Abigail Dougherty
Adam and Chrischelle Diasti
Albert Perez
Alex Demolina
Alexandra Koch
Alison St. Cyr
Allison Wallrapp
Amanda Page
Amber Knight
Amy Moberg
Andrew Machota
Angela Ducos and Cam Potter
Angelina Amisano
Angie Gazbon-Serje
Ann Dowdy
Anne Timmel
Anthea Penrose
April Monteith
Audrey Prior
Barbara Hancock
Barbara Holmes
Beth Kerly
Bethany Cesna
Betty Zetlin
Bill and Tricia Calmbacher
Bonnie Bertolino
Brad DeBeaubien
Brandy Frey
Braulio Colon
Brooke Melendi
Carissa Giblin
Carrie Scheiner
Carrie Tchekmeian-Culler
Celeste Perrino
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Christina and Jeff Skowronek
Cindi McNiff
Cindy Stuart
Cory Lawson
Courtney Gonzalez
Cristina Gonzalez
Cynthia Keenan
Daniel and Wendy Hedrick
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Daniella Fusari
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Debbie Lundberg
Debbie Zenk
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Deborah Thomas

Paige Strott
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Polymath Business Solutions
Pram and Nicole Hisler
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Sr. Anne Dougherty
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Stamie and Richard Garcia
Stephanie Krebs
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Dr. Lorie Kittendorf
Dr. Wendy Rice
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Karen Wilson Flores
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Kenneth Cheung and Phuong Thi Mai
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Leo and Judy Fraga
Leslie Freeman
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Nancy and David Leach
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Nikki and James Stokes
Olatha Leggett
*This list reflects donations from July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015. If we have inadvertently misspelled or omitted your name, please accept our sincere apologies and contact our office at 813-574-6913 so we can properly acknowledge you.*
Up to $99
In-Kind Donors
Brock Communications

McDonald's Caspers Company

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Three Chairs Productions
Quick Fact:
School-Connect® is designed to improve high school students’ social, emotional and academic skills and strengthen relationships between students and teachers.
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