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EQ1 and Buyers Learning Together_v3_02apr2015

No description

Jenny Pulaski

on 18 April 2016

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Transcript of EQ1 and Buyers Learning Together_v3_02apr2015

Portal and Automatic Email Set-up
for your Home Search...
Start Living!
Buyers Learning Together (BLT)
Our Mission
Educate our clients using our skills and talents to help make homeownership a REALITY

"We believe in the dream of homeownership."

Goals of the
BLT Workshop
Benefits of Working
with a Realtor
Choosing the Right Agent
Experienced professional who will listen to you
Conduct themselves in an ethical manner
Knows the market in your geographical area
Communicate, communicate, communicate
Someone you can trust
Our Goals when
Finding Your New Home?
When We Show You
Homes, WE WILL:
Show you homes that match the criteria
you selected
Schedule showings, gather available reports,
and share our knowledge of the area
Limit showings to 3-4 homes on each
We look at a number of factors, including:
The right neighborhood
The right house
Best value for your money
Someone looking out for you
Provides other financing options
Expertise throughout the real estate process
Protects you from any liability
No cost to you
Four Types of Houses For Sale
1. Regular Sale
Owner makes the decision
Negotiable sale
30 to 45 days to close
2. Flip Sale
Investor owned
30 to 45 days to close
3. Short Sale
Owner/bank decision
Purchased 'As-Is'
3 to 6 months to close
4. Real Estate Owned (REO)
Bank makes the decision
Purchase 'As-Is'
30 to 45 days to close
The Winning Offer...Today
Writing an Offer

Personalized Strategy
Assist you in pricing
Prepare the offer package
Present and negotiate
Once in contract, assist with next steps
Put CONFIDENCE in Buyers
Help understand the process
Successful Homeowner

Determining the Buyers' Needs
Price range
Zip codes and neighborhoods
Bedrooms and bathrooms
Square footage and lot size
Pool and recreational space
School district/Lifestyle
Get in touch with us
Call us
Like us
Follow us
Search us
BLT Summary:
Complete Desires, Needs & Abilities (DNA)
Discuss the state of the current market
Develop a Winning Strategy
Become a Homeowner
The Loan Process
Documents Needed
The 10 "Loan Commandments"
1. Change your jobs, become self-employed or quit your job
2. Co-sign a loan for anyone
3. Buy a vehicle
4. Use charge cards excessively or make late payments on ANY of your accounts
5. Spend money set aside for closing
6. Omit debts or liabilities from loan application
7. Buy furniture, appliances or household items before closing
8. Originate any inquiries into your credit
9. Make large deposits without first checking with your mortgage consultant
10. Change bank statements
Buyer DNA
2 years of W2s & Federal Tax Returns
1 Month of Paystubs
2 Months of Bank Statements
401K, IRAs, and stocks (if applicable)
Copy of Driver License
Types of Loan Programs
What are closing costs?
Non-recurring closing costs:
Fees that apply only at the time of purchase
Lender fees, title & escrow fees, and transaction coordinator fee
Recurring closing costs:
Fees that apply throughout the loan
Principle & Interest, Property Tax, Insurance and HOA (if applicable)
Thou Shall NOT:
Why get Pre-Approved?
Know what you are qualified for
Fully understand what is on your credit report
Get the best interest rate possible
Write a Winning Offer
The Next Step...
Get pre-approved
Understand your financial situation
Set up a one-on-one strategy meeting
with a preferred loan officer
Requirements of a Strong Buyer
Credit Score
*MI can be added if down payment is less than 20%
The Escrow Process:
Offer acceptance
Earnest Money Deposit
Inspections, disclosures & reports
Loan approval
Remove contingencies accordingly
Sign loan documents
Funding, recording and KEYS!
Your lender will find out! Consult with your loan officer first!
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