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IDT507 - Electronic Era

Presentation on satellite technology aimed at museum goers as an exhibit introduction.

Kenneth Crosby

on 1 April 2016

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Transcript of IDT507 - Electronic Era

October 4, 1957
“Anyone who doubted its existence could walk into the backyard just after sunset and see it.”

— Mike Gray
"Now, so far as the satellite itself is concerned, that does not raise my apprehensions, not one iota."

— President Eisenhower
Sputnik 1
January 31, 1958
Artificial Satellites:
How they changed communication and media.
Intercontinental telephone.
Television broadcasts.
Satellite radio and internet.
Weather monitoring.
Military surveillance operations.

Affordances of Satellite Technology
Acquired and Aired TV Shows
The Brady Bunch
The Munsters
All in the Family
Sanford and Son
Little House on the Prairie
• Voice relay for landline systems

• Data exchange via internet services

• Video and broadcast television
Fixed Satellite Services
Mobile Satellite Services
• Mobile phone technology

• Land, sea, and air communications

• GPS and navigational systems
Scientific Research Satellites
• Earth, marine, and atmospheric research

• Meteorological studies

• Surface monitoring
the rest of
the exhibit!
IDT507-35W Information Technologies
Module 03 (Electronics)
Kenneth M. Crosby
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