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Changes & Conts. In France during the years of the French Revolution and Napoleonic Period

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daniel sakson

on 3 April 2011

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Transcript of Changes & Conts. In France during the years of the French Revolution and Napoleonic Period

The Changes And Continuities in/of France During the French Revolution Changes
The flag of France changed from the
Pavillon royal de la France to..... .... to the Tricolore during and after the French Revolution 1. Why???: Because the People of France needed a symbol to rally behind that did not represent the monarchy that they were attempting to over throw. Background During the Storming of the Bastille (14 July 1789) the militia men wore red and blue uniforms (Blue/Red were the colors of Paris) these colors were then adopted as the symbol of a new france, white was added to nationalize it. 2.
What were the changes and continuities in/of France as a nation during the years of the French Revolution (1789-1799) and Napoleonic Period (1799-1815)? Possbile Question The government changed from a monarchy (Ruled by King Louis XVI) to...... .....the national asembly to.... ...the directory* to..... *This is a painting of the Cheif Director Paul Barras .... to the reign of Napoleon I Background: As the french revolution began Louis XVI was still in control of the country, but alater he was forced back to the palace in paris he was executed and the national assembly took over however in 1795 with the help of napoleon the assembly was disolved and the directory came to power and after 5 years of an unpopular reign napoleon rose to power in 1799 Why???: (Monarchy to Nat. Assembly) the king had become extreamly un-popular with the people coupled with an attempt to escape and rumors of communicating with heads of state the people decided to get rid of their worthless monarch and sever the last ties france held with the old regime. Why???:(Nat. Convention to The Directory) Even though the rule of the Nat. Assembly was not an unpopular one during a time of uncertainty they handed control over to a single person (Barras) who then seized control and established then abolished the assembly. Why???: (Directory to Bonaparte) The reign of the directory was so unpopular that the consuls including napoleon were able to take control easily in the coup of 18 Brumaire. 3. The calander was changed from the Gregorian Calander to the Revolutionary Calander Background: in 1793 a new calander the French Republican/Revolutionary calander was established insead of the gregorian calander of the church and was used for 12 years untill 1805 Why???: the gregorian calander represented the old regime as well as the church and it had to be ousted to get rid of all traces of the old regime. 1. Background: Catholicism had always been the number one religion amung Frenchmen and through the french revolution although its practice was suppressed a bit it remained so Continuities Roman catholicism remained, for the most part the main religion of France Background: Roman catholicism had always been the major religion amungst the French public, and it remained the same, although a more suppressed, during the french revolution Why???

because when u control the religion you control the people keeping catholicism as well as controlling it ment having control over the people who believed in it as well. 2. France remained an enemy of Great Britain throughout the course of the Revolution and Napoleonic Period. Background: As the revolution was just gettin under way monarchy was aiding the americans gain their independance from great britain and at its end napoleon was defeated by the british a waterloo. Why???: France was seeking continental superiority and the only real obstical they faced was england with there improved technology and isolation from the rest of the european states and this lasted through the revolution and onto napoleon as he attempted to conquer the continent. 3. France remained at roughly the same size at the beggining and end of the revolution/nepoleonic period. Background As the revolution was gtting under way the boundries of france were the rhine river to the east the neatherlands to the north spain to the south and the atlantic to the west. And when nepoleon was exciled the boundries remained roughly the same except for a few minor losses. Why???: even though napoleon had conquered most of europe the balance of power in europ was so un even that the other stated interveened and stoped him and reclaimed almost all land gained during napoleons campaings.
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