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Ku Klux Klan

No description

Josefina Zubizarreta

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Ku Klux Klan

you burn crosses
don't you?

so appropriate
because you burn
everything the Man
stood for:

love for others
love for other races
one of His disciples
was simeon the Canaanite -
a black man

cowards you are
you hide behind your sheets
and do your dirt
in the dark of night
just like your clever friend


just how Jesus described him

you all hate: 'niggers! '

you all murder: lynchings
50 against one

you took their lives from them,
stealing their futures
thieves of life

someday, shriveled hearts,
twisted minds,
the Man whose cross
and principles you burn
will throw you away
into a very hot lake of fire

and silently, peacefully watching on that fiery shore
will be the spirits of innocent 'niggers'
you killed
standing next to Jesus
with Hades keys
Ku Klux Klan
By Harlan Simantel
The "Ku klux klan" was a movement in the united states, whose members or components were know for their emphasizm towards racism, secrecy and distinctive costumes. All have called for purification of American society, and all are considered part of right-wing extremism.
The poem Criticizes everything this "Klan" is about, hatred toward a whole race, the "Niggers".
What the poet does, is stomp on the ku klux klan's praxis, Using a supreme power, Jesus, as an example. This way, correctly using an utmost case to follow up on this klan; "Just like you clever friend, Satan."

The voice later belittles these vicious people, Which can be seen as ironic. The ku klux klan timidated coloured people, killed and took many lives. The poet deliberately highlights some points to be seen in this klan.
"Cowards you are, you hide behind your sheets and do your dirt in the dark of night"
" 50 against one"

What also calls our attention, is the way the poet calls out to the "Ku klux klan", who said to be the "Purified American society", as twisted people, with shivered hearts, which is also ironic.

The Ku Klux Klan
Poem analysis
What the poem focuses on, is the Klans hypocrisy, how they mass murdered people for their skin colour, after proudly calling themselves the perfect authentic Americans, intimidating people, yet going along with their face covered, evidencing mockery. Also, using Jesus Christ's name to point out contradictions, everything the man stands for, love for one another, was buried, by killing innocent people, deciding to close their eyes to who they killed, opening them only to see how who they killed looked like.
This is a very compelling image. We chose it because it clearly illustrates what the poem talks about. The hypocrisy and blindness of the klan's actions. We can see a policeman with the klan's hat on, pointing at a young colored boy, who on the other hand, is offering him candy. The image shows the abuse of power the klan used against its "targets", The photo uses exageration to portray the absurd way of its acts.
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